Cintura Steccata

Cintura Steccata

Cintura Steccata - Safte

Unisex slimming band with splints, ideal for improving circulation and the appearance of the skin in the abdominal area. Available in 4 sizes.

As low as €68.60
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Safte Steccata unisex belt is equipped with thermal support.

The belt is equipped with a special technology, scientifically proven, which, thanks to the action of micro massage, helps to reduce that unsightly effect of orange peel skin.
Cellulite is a disorder that affects 90% of women and originates in a circulatory problem. The consequence is an accumulation of liquids and the unsightly effect of orange peel skin.

The special composition of the triple layer fabric (outer fabric - pure latex rubber layer - internally cotton) increases the local heat on the affected area and at the same time exerts a constant micro-massage thus obtaining the right therapeutic effect.

Specialists recommend using the Benactiv slimming sheath consistently for a period of at least 2 months (about 8 hours a day in direct contact with the skin), after which it will be possible to appreciate an improvement in the appearance of the skin and the reduction of localized fat pads.


To calculate the size, measure the waist circumference.

  • S: 68/80 cm
  • M: 81/93 cm
  • L: 94/106 cm
  • XL: 107/119 cm