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TOTAL BODY 400 XP Memory Foam

TOTAL BODY 400 XP Memory Foam

TOTAL BODY 400 XP Memory Foam - Magnetotherapy - Globus

Magnetic therapy mattress composed of four active sections, containing a total of 16 (4 active mats out of 4, four channels). Each channel will power one unit (four solenoids). Compatible with Magnum 3500 Pro Globus. Maximum power!
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MATTRESS FOR MAGNETOTHERAPY (4 out of 4 active mats, usable only with Magnum 3500)

The Total Body 400 XP Globus mattress is the "extra power" version of the total body mattress, consisting of four active sections containing a total of 16 solenoids.

Each channel will power a single unit (four solenoids).

In this way you will have a very powerful mattress capable of generating a more intense electromagnetic field than the Total Body 400 memory foam model.

This mattress has been designed for Magnum 3500 Pro devices with four output channels.


the new Globus memory foam mattresses are ideal for treatments with long-lasting pulsed electromagnetic fields (CEMP) and on large areas of the body, excellent to be used even during the hours of night rest, by placing them on top of the traditional mattress.

The triple layer of padding allows for effective therapy without sacrificing comfort.

The total body mattresses can be used with all the devices of the Magnum line by Globus with the exception of the Magnum L model.

Furthermore, the individual sections can also be used independently, if necessary, to carry out localized treatments.


  • Osteoporosis
  • Long-lasting treatments
  • Treatments on multiple parts of the body


  • Total size: 70x176x6.5 cm
  • Composition: 4 separable sections, each of which can contain four solenoids
  • Internal padding: Double surface layer in Memory Foam of different density and polyurethane layer for solenoid housing
  • External cover: Washable lining in hypoallergenic fabric with non-slip application at the bottom
  • Inner lining: Washable lining in waterproof and antibacterial fabric

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