Kit Magnetoterapia

Kit Magnetoterapia

Kit Magnetoterapia - HSD

Kit for high frequency magnetotherapy compatible with HSD and Dual Mag magnetotherapy. Includes cervical band, facial band, lumbar sacral band and shoulder-knee band.

Available: shipped in 24H

HSD Kit Magneto includes the 4 main accessories for high frequency magnetotherapy treatments.

Compatible with HSD magnetotherapy and Dual Mag magnetotherapy

The kit includes:

  • cervical fascia
  • facial band
  • lumbar sacral band
  • shoulder-knee band

Simultaneous use of several optional HF accessories

If you want to use several high-frequency accessories at the same time, it is necessary to purchase an HF cable for each additional accessory, in addition to the one already included in the equipment.
The device allows the simultaneous use of up to 3 high frequency accessories