Cilindro Terapeutico

Cilindro Terapeutico

Cilindro Terapeutico - I-Tech

Therapeutic diffuser cylinder for lower and upper limbs. Compatible with: Mag 700, Mag 2000, Mag 2000 Premium, Mag 2000 Plus, LaMagneto, LaMagento Pro, LaMagneto X

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I-Tech Cilindro Terapeutico is a magnetic field diffuser compatible with low frequency magnetotherapies Mag 700, Mag 2000 and Mag 2000 Plus and Mag.

The cylinder is indicated for the treatment of limbs (arms, legs, hands and feet) and joints such as knees and ankles, just insert the area to be treated inside the circle and set the magnetotherapy with the program indicated for your pathology.

Dimensions: 24 cm in diameter

Compatible with:

  • May 700
  • May 2000
  • May 2000 Premium
  • May 2000 Plus
  • LaMagneto
  • LaMagento Pro
  • LaMagneto X