Osteomat 2000

New Osteomat

New Osteomat - I-Tech

Low frequency magnetic therapy mattress, 2 connection cables, 8 solenoids, allows therapy during sleep and in immobilized patients. Compatible with: Mag 2000, Mag 2000 Premium, Mag 2000 Plus, LaMagneto, LaMagento Pro, LaMagneto X

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New Osteomat is a therapeutic mattress for low frequency magnetotherapy equipped with 2 connection cables for a total of 8 solenoids, for a total-body treatment.

New Osteomat consists of 4 active segments that allow the treatment of the upper and lower areas of the body in a single session.

  • Softer and more comfortable thanks to its 8 ultra-thin and flexible solenoids
  • Lightweight and foldable on itself for easy transport
  • 4 active sectors for a true total body treatment
  • Compatible with the LaMagneto line and with the MAG 2000 series.

New Osteomat is the ideal tool for nocturnal therapy during sleep, for daytime therapy in immobilized patients or for anyone who can't stand being connected to the therapeutic band.

The configuration of the Osteomat has been designed to stimulate those areas of the body (shoulders, spine, pelvis) that are most affected by a reduction in bone mass, a typical symptom of osteoporosis .

The programs that can be activated are those present in the program list of the LaMagneto, MAG 2000 and MAG 2000 PLUS devices.


  • Complete mattress dimensions: 65x160 cm;
  • 4 active sectors with 8 total solenoids;
  • 2 connection cables.

Compatible with:

  • May 2000
  • May 2000 Premium
  • May 2000 Plus
  • LaMagneto
  • LaMagento Pro
  • LaMagneto X