Diffusore Magneto Light

Diffusore Magneto Light

Diffusore Magneto Light - Wellstore

Magneto Light diffuser for Dual Mag magnetotherapy.

Spedito in 1-2 giorni

Magneto Light handpiece for Dual Mag magnetotherapy.

Useful accessory for those very annoying forms of acute / chronic pain; due to the strong concentration of electromagnetic energy on the handpiece, a maximum time of 15 minutes for 20 sessions is recommended. This accessory can be used in any program instead of the speakers normally used.

Simultaneous use of several optional HF accessories

If you want to use several high-frequency accessories at the same time, it is necessary to purchase an HF cable for each additional accessory, in addition to the one already included in the equipment.
The device allows the simultaneous use of up to 3 high frequency accessories