Ozonizzatore SANI-CARE 3

Ozonizzatore SANI-CARE 3

Ozonizzatore SANI-CARE 3 - Globus

Ozone generator and negative ions for small environments. Sanitation and odor removal. Production 3g / h, covered area 50m2, power 78W.
Spedito in 1-2 giorni

Ozone and negative ion generator ideal for small environments such as cars, vans, buses and campers.

The double function Ozone + negative ions is suitable for sanitizing microorganisms present in the air and on surfaces as well as for the elimination of bad odors such as cigarette smoke.


  • Ozone production: 3g / H
  • Covered area: 50m2
  • Power: 78W
  • DC 12V power supply and network
  • Dimensions: 260 x 150 x 210 mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg