F320 - Purificatore aria - Purify

Air purifier for rooms up to 80sqm. Purification through 7 filtration steps, which remove up to 98.51% of Viruses, Bacteria and Pollen, as well as smoke, odors and impurities in the air. Automatic function, night mode, child lock, timer, and connectivity with APP that allows you to integrate the purifier with your Smart Home systems or control it remotely via Smartphone or Tablet. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

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Breathe clean, healthy air wherever you are.

Purify air purifiers combine 7 different filtration technologies in a single device, allowing to obtain an incomparable and unique level of purification on the market.

PURIFY F320 is suitable for rooms up to 80 square meters alone, and can be combined with other Purify fixtures to cover a larger area.

Thanks to the 7 filtering stages, the Purify air purifiers are able to guarantee a very high level of air purification:

  • Eliminates up to 99.98% of Viruses, Bacteria and Pollen

  • Eliminates smoke and bad smells

  • It cuts down on pollution

  • It releases negative ions into the air, which attack the dust and smoke particles present in the air, causing them to precipitate and thus preventing people in the environment from breathing them.

Purify devices are modern, beautifully designed, and easy to use. They can be connected to the TUYA app for iOS and Android , or they can be controlled through Smart Home devices, namely Amazon's Alexa and Google Home .

7 Phases of Purification

  1. ALUMINUM PREFILTER : It is composed of a large mesh filter in aluminum alloy capable of capturing lumps of dust, pollen and other volatile compounds. It can be washed and reused several times.

  2. CATALYTIC FILTER : It disintegrates the toxic gases present in the air, absorbs and simultaneously breaks down Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia and other Volatile Organic Compounds, transforming them into compounds that are not dangerous for humans. At the same time it kills viruses and bacteria without generating secondary pollution.

  3. ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER : Eliminates odors in the air, fights and destroys passive smoke. It also kills viruses, bacteria and mold spores. Finally, it protects the HEPA filter from saturation by blocking larger particles.

  4. ANTIBACTERIAL FILTER : The 5 micrometer antimicrobial filter works effectively by stopping the bacteria present in the air. The filter is antibacterial moisture proof, resistant to mold, does not allow bacteria to proliferate and dust particles are captured and blocked.

  5. 0.01 micron HEPA FILTER : High efficiency filter capable of eliminating small particles down to 0.01 micron with 99.9% filtration. The filter blocks dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergens and other microparticles such as mold spores, microbes, pollen and PM2.5.

  6. UV STERILIZER : The 365 nanometer Ultraviolet emission UV lamp is able to kill bacteria. The UV lamp purifies the air and contributes to the elimination of odors and molds, as well as to the purification of the filters themselves.

  7. IONIZER : The ionizer releases large quantities of Anions (negative charge) which attaching to positively charged particles causes them to fall to the ground, improving air quality. It is able to absorb suspended pollutants, remove toxic and harmful gases, kill bacteria and release ions and fresh, clean air.

Air quality in color

The device is able to analyze air quality and provide the user with real-time feedback on the state of pollution via a simple color visual interface.

Remote controller

Thanks to the supplied remote control, you can use the air purifier from the comfort of an armchair and from your bed.

AUTO function

The auto function allows the Purifier to evaluate the level of air pollution and to autonomously modify its settings.

Filter replacement warning

The filter replacement indicator is activated when the purifier deems it necessary that one or more filters need to be replaced.

PM analysis 2.5

Thanks to the high-precision sensor, the device is able to evaluate the concentration of PM2.5 in the air and adjust its behavior to offer a better air purification process.

Child lock

It allows parents to prevent children from changing device settings.


The supplied timer allows you to program the purification duration and program the device to switch off.

Sleep function

By activating the Sleep function, the device enters night mode, reduces the fan speed by lowering the noise level to an imperceptible level and turns off all the display lights so as not to disturb sleep and guarantee air purification even at night.

Touch display

All functions of the Purifier can be controlled simply with a touch on the device display.

Wi-Fi and APP

The air purifier is able to communicate with the home WiFi system and thanks to the free TUYA app it is possible to control the device via Smartphone or Tablet, even remotely.

The app allows you to program the switching on and off at a certain time, or to switch the purifier on and off at will, directly from your phone and even remotely (for example when you are coming home from work).

UV sterilization and negative ion input can also be activated or deactivated, and a child lock can be set, to prevent your children from accidentally deactivating or modifying the settings of your Purify air purifier.

The powerful TUYA app also allows you to create automation scenarios , for example to activate all your Smart Home devices (for example, turn on the lights and your air purifier at the same time) when you arrive home.

You can also automate the switching on and off of different Purify devices, which can work cooperatively to purify a large environment, such as a large open-plan office. The automation function can allow you to turn on all the purifiers in the office from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18.


  • 7-level filter technology
  • Internal UV LED, 365nm wavelength
  • Ionizer emission: 50 millions / cm3
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: 98.51%
  • Particulate matter CADR: 317.9 m3 / h
  • Particulate CCM: P4
  • Formaldehyde CADR: 80.6 m3 / h
  • CCM formaldehyde: F4
  • Infrared remote control included, 9 buttons
  • "TUYA" APP (WiFi)
  • Voice control via TUYA, Alexa or Google Home
  • AIR PM analysis 2.5
  • LCD display
  • Timer up to 12 hours
  • Child lock
  • Sleep function
  • Filter replacement notice
  • Fan with 3 speed levels
  • Humidification
  • Noise level in dB: from 29.4 (fan at power 1) to 39.8 (fan at power 3)
  • Maximum power: 88W
  • Dimensions: 370 x 195 x 650 mm
  • Net weight: 8.8 kg
  • Gross weight: 11kg
  • Box dimensions: 430 x 280 x 740 mm