Ginocchiera PhysioStrap Gonartrosi

Ginocchiera PhysioStrap Gonartrosi

Ginocchiera PhysioStrap Gonartrosi - Epitact

Ultralight knee brace, indicated to support the knee without compressing it, relieves pain and protects joint mobility. Available in 5 sizes.

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PhysioStrap Gonarthrosis is an ultralight knee brace, less than 40g , specially designed to relieve the pain caused by knee osteoarthritis in everyday life.

The patellar femoral joint is stressed with every movement of the knee and its functionality is therefore fundamental.
In order to move properly, the patella must be well positioned relative to the femur. In case of dysfunction, imbalances, conflicts and pains can appear.

PhysioStrap supports the knee without compressing it thanks to the patented EPITHELIUMFLEX® technology.

The knee brace helps relieve pain and promote proprioception in order to protect joint mobility and thus limit the aggravation of arthrosis.

It allows you to carry out daily activities, helping to protect mobility.


  • Patented patellar tie: stabilizes the knee
  • Elastic silicone bandage: excellent seal
  • Patented pad behind the knee: avoids discomfort and irritation
  • Anti-compression mesh on the patella: does not exert pressure
  • Micro-perforated mesh: evaporation of sweat, maximum comfort
  • 71% polyamide / elastane fabric, 29% silicone.


To calculate the size, measure the circumference of the knee in a semi-flexed position by placing the tape measure in the center of the patella.
If you have doubts between 2 sizes, choose the smaller one.