Ortesi Mano Rizoartrosi

Ortesi Mano Rizoartrosi

Ortesi Mano Rizoartrosi - Epitact

Orthosis for rhizoarthrosis in flexible fabric, keeps the thumb in the rest position and keeps the heat at the level of the joint. Available in 3 sizes, left and right hand.

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Epitact Hand Orthosis Rhizoarthritis is an orthopedic brace that adapts perfectly to the needs of daily life , thanks to the flexibility of the fabric. It is therefore perfectly complementary to rigid orthoses more suitable for night use.


  • Without immobilizing, the EPITACT Orthosis opens the joint allowing the thumb to remain in the resting position . The alignment of the thumb bones limits the forces exerted on the trapeziometacarpal joints and provides pain relief
  • Without immobilizing, the flexible orthosis keeps the thumb and 1st metacarpal in rest position. This proprioceptive containment is sufficient to effectively limit traumatizing micro-mobilizations
  • The EPITACT® orthosis has an analgesic effect and maintains local heat thanks to the properties of its fabric and its Epithelium Flex® silicone tie-rod


To calculate the size, measure the circumference of the wrist

  • S: 13/15 cm
  • M: 15/17 cm
  • L: 17/19 cm