Resform Leg Pillow

Resform Leg Pillow

Resform Leg Pillow - Orthopedic leg pillow - ISL

Postural memory foam cushion for the legs. Improve your sleeping posture, align your legs, hips and spine. Relieves lower back, hip and knee pain. It acts as a cushion between the knees. Improve sleep. Machine washable pillowcase.

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Resform Leg Pillow is a memory foam postural pillow for the legs.

It fits perfectly into the natural curve of your legs while you sleep , and aligns your hips, legs and spine .

In this way it relieves the load and torsion of the spine, especially the lumbar, relieving back pain, and pain in the hips and knees .

Improves sleep , stabilizes the pelvis and lumbar. Supports the legs and acts as a cushion between the knees.

Thanks to the ergonomic and anatomical design, it is difficult to lose it during sleep, as it remains well positioned between the legs throughout the night.

It is also breathable, and the pillowcase is removable and machine washable.


  • Pillow: Memory foam (100% polyurethane)
  • Pillowcase: 60% polyester, 40% lyocell