Dream K Tribe (6 pezzi)

Dream K Tribe (6 pezzi)

Dream K Tribe (6 pezzi) - Sixtus

Kinesio tape for kinesiotherapy bandage, promotes blood circulation, relieves pain, assists in the recovery of the articular excursion. 6 rolls of 5 x 500 cm. Available in 8 colors with a Made In Italy design.

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Sixtus Dream K Tribe is an exclusive product, with registered design made in Italy. This kinesio tape is based on the principle of Neuromuscular Taping, a physiotherapy technique that stimulates the body's self-healing process. The adhesive elastic tape leaves the treated area totally free, making muscle contraction easier and giving a wider joint movement.

Dream K Tribe differs from other tapes on the market not only in technical aspects but also in aesthetics, in fact the range includes 8 different references.

The graphics, in line with the term "Tribe", recalls tribal tattoos and wants to become a symbol of recognition for all those who use the products of the Sixtus family and who identify with this great ... "tribe"!

Dream K should only be applied by professional healthcare professionals.


  • Facilitates the reduction of painful symptoms
  • It assists in the recovery of the articular excursion
  • Facilitates the reduction of edema
  • Improve proprioception
  • Effective in modifying muscle activity in therapeutic exercise and sports practice


  • Cotton and spandex backing
  • Acrylic adhesive mass
  • It does not contain latex
  • Thin and strong
  • Cutting facilitated by the presence of lines on the protective paper
  • 6 rolls of 5 x 500 cm
  • Available in 8 colors