Guanto - BluSix Micro

Guanto - BluSix Micro

Guanto - BluSix Micro - Sixtus

Medical device for the HAND with fabric able to create an electromagnetic field that surrounds the area to be treated. Ideal for pain, edema and inflammation of the bones, joints, muscles and tendons. Available in 2 sizes, ambidextrous.

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The Sixtus Blusix Micro Glove is a medical device in fabric made with copper and zinc filments, in a silicon matrix capable of generating an electromagnetic field. The Blusix Micro wrist brace is ideal for the treatment of pain, edema and inflammation affecting the osteo-articular and muscle-tendon structures of the hand.

The glove is available in 2 sizes, ambidextrous.


BLUsix®EMT products are innovative medical devices with a particular structure: the material that composes them is made with the use of copper and zinc filaments in a silicon matrix. The elements are woven in such a way as to create, when worn, an electromagnetic field that envelops the anatomical areas to be treated in order to adapt to individual needs and to the specific painful, edematous and inflammatory manifestations affecting the osteo-articular and muscle-tendon structures.

BLUsix®EMT is a Medical Device that generates an electromagnetic field capable of influencing fundamental biological processes such as:

  • The bioelectrical balances between the inside and outside of the cells
  • The flow of ions across the cell membrane
  • The production and release of the chemical mediators of pain and inflammation
  • The repair processes of cells and tissues


The effectiveness of BluSix Micro has been proven by numerous experimental and clinical researches

  • ... already in the first week of use, reduction of the pain symptom of about 50%, measured with the VAS, for distortion trauma and inflammatory processes ...
  • ... from the fourth month of treatment onwards the device accelerates the positive trend on all the parameters taken into consideration ...
  • ... in addition to pain relief, a significant reduction in edema was noted in ankle and knee trauma ...
  • ... in osteoarticular and tendon muscle trauma it promotes rapid functional recovery ...


All syndromes sustained by inflammation, edema and pain in particular in Physiatry, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology.


Use the device for at least 8 hours a day until completely healed, even at night. In case of dry skin or poor perspiration it is recommended to moisten the body before wearing the device.
After opening the package and the first application, the Medical Device remains active for no more than 12 months; it is possible to use several medical devices at the same time.


The key to understanding and successfully applying Microcurrent therapy is its ability to stimulate healing at the cellular level. Microcurrent therapy produces electrical signals similar to those naturally generated when the body is engaged in rebuilding injured tissues.
The first references to the Microcurrent originate from the researches of Matteucci and du Bois Reymond, where it is defined as current of injury. So an electric current that originates internally from the body and goes to a damaged nerve, tissue or muscle.
In fact, the damaged tissue has a negative potential when compared with the central part of the body.
The first studies on the potential of this regenerating current were conducted by Becker in the 1960s, working for the first time on animals that, like the salamander, are able to regenerate even amputated limbs.


  • Nylon 40%
  • Elastane 18%
  • Copper 5%
  • Zinc 5%
  • Polyester / Silicon 32%