Corsetto dorsolombare modulare TAG+

Corsetto dorsolombare modulare TAG+

Corsetto dorsolombare modulare TAG+ - Tenortho

Dorsolumbar corset in fabric with graphene membrane, antistatic, antibacterial and breathable, thermal. Integrated flexible splints, shoulder straps that aid shoulder posture. Rigid structure to support the column.

As low as €297.00 was €330.00
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Taylor model dorsolumbar corset, modular, in fabric with graphene membrane.


  • Antistatic, antibacterial and breathable capable of providing thermal comfort.
  • Corset with integrated flexible stays.
  • Elastic tie rod system that converge into a single tie rod for variable pressure and increased traction.
  • Oblique splints to strengthen the abdominal area.
  • Shoulder straps to allow greater anterior posterior push of the shoulders.
  • Rigid structure to support the spine in cases of vertebral collapse and serious pathologies.

Application cases:

  • pisa syndrome
  • traumatic fractures
  • osteoporosis
  • fractured osteomalacias
  • arthrosis
  • dorsal hyperkyphosis
  • vertebral dorsal and dorsal-lumbar passage on an osteoporotic or metastatic basis


Pelvis circumference:

  • XS - 70/80 cm
  • S - 80/90 cm
  • M - 90/100 cm
  • L - 100/110 cm
  • XL - 110/120 cm
  • XXL - 120/130 cm
  • XXXL - over 130 cm