Tua Viso

Tua Viso

Tua Viso - Electrostimulator - Vupiesse

Now also available with rechargeable battery! Specific electrostimulator for the face. Ideal for firming face and neck, lifting cheeks and reducing wrinkles, reducing double chin, removing eye bags.

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Now also available in the version with rechargeable batteries!

Vupiesse Tua Viso is an electrostimulator for facial gymnastics, reduces wrinkles and firms the face and neck.

Over the course of life, the face undergoes visible changes; wrinkles appear and accentuate, the oval of the face changes its contours, the skin loses its normal elasticity and becomes redundant, causing bags under the eyes, sagging of the cheeks and relaxation of the neck. Cosmetics can usefully moisturize and smooth the skin but a superficial treatment remains: it is necessary to lift the face to intervene on the structural part, that is, on the muscles.

Exercising the facial muscles, directly anchored to the skin, makes them more toned by lifting the facial features and reducing wrinkles . The miniaturized and technically advanced electronic circuitry generates sine wave modulated pulse trains specific for the delicate muscles of the face and indicated by a green LED indicator. Due to its particular shape and frequency, this wave induces precise muscle exercises without causing any unpleasant sensation of pain even at high intensity and extremely evident movements. The impulses are transmitted to the skin by two electrodes covered by soft sponge domes, sprung and hemispherical in shape; the electrodes are self-soaking and have their own tank to contain the water needed for an entire treatment.

Your Face is easy. After filling the tanks with normal water, simply activate the device and place it on the area of the face to be treated. Acting on the graduated knob activates the delivery of the impulses and adjusts the intensity.

Tua Viso is practical . Its shape makes the handle anatomic, keeps the adjustment knob under continuous control and allows the immediate positioning of the electrodes in every area of the face. A green luminous digital timer allows you to set the duration of the treatment , indicates the remaining time and acoustically signals its end by deactivating the device. The watertight tank of the electrodes, sufficient for an entire treatment, avoids having to repeatedly wet the sponge domes: for soaking, a simple pressure is enough.

Your Face is safe. It is powered by a 9 Volt 6LR61 NiMH - 200 mA / h rechargeable battery housed in the special compartment, it can be recharged via a plug in charger. A yellow LED indicator light signals the exhaustion.

Your Face everywhere. The minimum dimensions, the very low weight, the autonomy from the electricity network, the illuminated dashboard, allow easy use in any place and any circumstance, perhaps in the dark!

Tua Viso is contained in an elegant case together with a spray bottle, spare domes and a portable instruction manual. Accompanied by a demonstration video to view the possible applications and facilitate the correct use of the appliance.

Tua Viso is safe: designed and built with primary attention to quality and safety, it complies with the strictest international standards and has obtained the prestigious TUV-GS mark


  • NO. Outputs: 1
  • IMPULSE WIDTH: 140 mSec
  • OUTPUT CURRENT: 56 mA (1kohm load) MAX
  • POWER SUPPLY: 9V Rechargeable battery
  • REST TIME: 3 Sec.


  • Your Face
  • 9 volt rechargeable battery 6LR61 NiMH - 200 mA / h (optional)
  • Plug in charger
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge domes replacement kit
  • user and application manual
  • Container case
  • Demo DVD