LaMagneto - Magnetotherapy - I-Tech

Low frequency magnetotherapy. Equipped with 46 programs, 2 band applicators with 3 solenoids, 2 independent channels, intensity 150 gauss per channel, modulated frequency from 1 to 100 Hz. Ideal for professional and home use.

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The safest, simplest and most effective way to do magnetotherapy treatments in the privacy of your home.

LaMagneto is the new range of I-Tech Medical Division Magnetotherapy devices. It is equipped with a large color display and two completely independent output channels to perform two different therapies at the same time , even in pairs.

LaMagneto is designed and indicated for the treatment, rehabilitation and functional recovery of pathologies affecting:

  • wrist, hand, shoulder, foot, ankle and knee joints
  • skeletal motor system
  • arthrosis
  • muscular atrophies and dystrophies
  • bunions
  • bruises
  • degeneration of the musculoskeletal system
  • sprains
  • periarthritis
  • benign lesions and muscle tears
  • tendonitis and tendinosis

LaMagneto is particularly suitable for the treatment of consolidation delays, osteoporosis, bone edema, osteonecrosis, as well as ulcers and neuropathies.

Thanks to the high intensity of the magnetic field it can generate, LaMagneto is particularly indicated in the treatment of bone fractures even in the presence of rigid bandages or plaster casts.

The distinctive feature of the LaMagneto Pro device is the ability to manage two treatments at the same time , setting different times and programs. It also includes the program lock with password and therapy counters , 10 free memories.

LaMagneto is a magnetotherapy device intended for both the professional user (doctor, therapist etc.) and the home patient .

Main applications

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis / Arthritis
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Edema
  • Fractures
  • Low back pain
  • Algodystrophy
  • Chronic pain


(All the applications and the list of detailed programs can be consulted on the user manual which can be downloaded from this page)

LaMagneto is a device approved and certified by the notified body TÜV Rheinland Italia (CE1936) .


  • CEMP magnetotherapy device with 2 independent channels
  • 2 channels
  • Color display
  • Possibility of doing different therapies at the same time in two parts of the body or together with another person
  • Field strength up to 150 gauss per channel
  • Frequency from 1 to 100 Hz
  • 46 programs present
  • List of the last 10 programs used


  • Luminaire dimensions: 180 x 110 x 50 mm
  • Field intensity: settable with increasing scale up to 150 Gauss per channel
  • Square wave frequency: 1 - 100Hz
  • Therapy time: user settable
  • Power supply: UES36LCP-150200SPA power supply, out 15VDC-2A
  • Max current absorbed: 1A
  • Insulation class (CEI EN 60601-1): II
  • Applied part (CEI EN 60601-1): BF


The package of LaMagneto contains:

  • N ° 1 LaMagneto device;
  • N ° 1 medical power supply (approx. 1.5m cable);
  • 1 user and maintenance manual;
  • N ° 2 band applicators with 3 solenoids (1.5mt cable approx.);
  • N ° 1 transport bag;
  • Magnet for checking therapy execution;
  • Non-woven fabric band (TNT) 15x150 cm.

Compatible accessories

The applicators and accessories of the previous low-frequency magnetotherapy models (Mag700, Mag2000, Mag2000 Plus) are perfectly compatible with the LaMagneto, LaMagneto Pro and LaMagneto X devices.