NDP Air Total+

NDP Air Total+

NDP Air Total+ - Disinfectant spray - Vesismin Health

Airborne disinfectant for surfaces with a broad biocidal and virucidal spectrum. Effective in just 1 hour. Total emptying cylinder in the double format of 40 or 150 cubic meters. "One-shot" screw valve that unloads all the contents with a single gesture. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-staining. It reaches even the most difficult surfaces. Medical device.

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As low as €11.90
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Total disinfection with a simple gesture.

NDP Air Total + Green is an aerial spray disinfectant for surfaces , suitable for domestic, industrial and professional use, as well as being certified for clinical use.

Very easy to use , just place it in the center of the room you want to sanitize, open the "one-shot" valve , and exit the room by closing the door.

The special valve will automatically discharge all the contents of the can, vaporizing it into the air. This will create a cloud of disinfectant which will then settle on all the surfaces of the room, sanitizing even the most difficult to reach.

After 1 hour the door can be reopened and the room ventilated if necessary. It will be 99% disinfected from viruses, bacteria and fungi .

Broad biocidal spectrum

Air Total is certified and effective against a wide range of contaminating microorganisms:

  • Encapsulated viruses , such as Coronaviruses

  • Bacteria , such as E. Coli (fecal bacteria)

  • Fungi , such as Aspergillus (molds) and Candida

  • Mycobacteria , such as M. Avium and M. Terrae (pathogenic)


  • Broad biocidal spectrum against various contaminants

  • Certified for clinical use. Air Total + is a Class IIa Medical Device.

  • Easy to use : no need for a nebulizer or other special devices.

  • Non toxic

  • Not inflammable

  • Compatible with electronic devices

  • It does not stain the surfaces it comes into contact with, and it is not necessary to clean them afterwards

  • Contains a propellant gas that respects the environment and does not pollute

Air Total + is available in 2 sizes :

  • 50 ml, to disinfect a room with a volume of up to 40 cubic meters

  • 300 ml, for a room with a volume of up to 150 cubic meters


  • Carry out a normal and routine cleaning of the room before applying the product

  • Turn off any type of air conditioner while the product is operating

  • Cover the fire smoke detectors when spraying to avoid false alarms