New T-Sonic

New T-Sonic

New T-Sonic - Electrostimulator - New Age

2 devices in one: ultrasound therapy and electrostimulation. It can be used for muscle, aesthetic and therapeutic stimulation. 13 preset programs for electrotherapy applications, adjustable intensity, 2 independent channels.

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New T-Sonic is the device for electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy : an innovative machine that combines electrostimulation with ultrasound, high handling and ease of use.

It can be used in any situation for aesthetic and therapeutic muscle stimulation.

T-Sonic has 13 preset programs for electrotherapy applications and has the ability to adjust the intensity to perform ultrasound therapy for the most common problems.

Two independent channels to stimulate different areas of the body at the same time in different ways or for treatments for several people in the same session.

Double power supply (mains for ultrasound therapy and batteries for electrotherapy).


  • Heating
  • Relaxing massage
  • Relaxing pain reliever
  • Toning
  • Basic training
  • Resistance and speed
  • Basic Muscle Definition
  • Definition of body
  • Face
  • Advanced muscle definition
  • Lean mass gain
  • Free programs for ultrasound therapy
  • Cellulite lipolysis
  • Capillarization


  • Constant current generator: yes 1
  • Power supply: battery
  • Waveforms: rectangular biphasic compensated
  • Number of output channels: 2 independent
  • Number of programs: 13 preset
  • Current intensity (mA): 0-100
  • Frequency (Hz): 1-300 for electrotherapy; 1 MHz for ultrasound
  • Power emitted: 2 W / cm2


  • User manual and applications
  • Suitcase
  • 4 pre-gelled electrodes 50x50 mm
  • 1 ultrasound handpiece 3 cm in diameter
  • 1 handpiece for face electrostimulation
  • Battery
  • External power supply
  • 2 output cables