Tua Trainer

Tua Trainer

Tua Trainer - Electrostimulator - Vupiesse

Exclusive fitness machine designed for exercising the abdominal muscles in order to tone, flatten and firm the belly. Combine electrical stimulation with active exercise. A one voice guide to correct training!
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Flat stomach and sculpted abs with your Vupiesse Trainer

A revolutionary tool, patented worldwide. A strong synergy between active and passive exercise induced by electrostimulation, which improves and amplifies its effectiveness.

Your Vupiesse Trainer consists of a tool for exercising the abdominal muscles on the ground, combined with an electronic control unit equipped with specific training programs and a pair of electrodes mounted on a special belt that automatically come into action as soon as a some voluntary contraction.

What's more, Tua Trainer is a real electronic personal trainer. In fact, it has a voice that TALKS to us, indeed it ORDERS us when to stand up, when to stretch out, when and how much to stay in contraction, establishes the duration of the recovery pauses and corrects us if the execution is not right ... and does it with voice persuasive and determined to let us complete the exercise correctly for maximum results.

YOUR TRAINER. A real personal trainer at home!

Tua Trainer combines 2 principles.

Its original and innovative feature is the union of the effectiveness of the voluntary active exercise with the passive one induced by electrostimulation, creating a winning synergy.

In fact, the effectiveness of gymnastic exercise of the abdominal muscles is indisputable, as well as the achievement of a good muscle tone through electrostimulation is well known and appreciated by all today.

TUA TRAINER is easy to use: after having soaked the electrode sponges with normal water, they are positioned on the abdomen, the elastic strap is fastened, and your trainer is ready for use. Acting on the electronic control unit activates the delivery of the impulses and regulates their intensity; You select the work program and simply follow the indications of the VOICE of the personal trainer.

YOUR TRAINER Vupiesse is safe: it is powered by common rechargeable batteries, which are already supplied, together with the charger.


Your Trainer has 5 PROGRESSIVE STRESS PROGRAMS starting from the first one, the one we will use at the beginning of the training up to the fifth, really demanding for 'hard' or simply for trained users .... and it will be surprising to see how after a few weeks of exercise we will be able to face the program N.5, really impossible at the beginning of the cycle: at that point the belly will be gone and we will have a flat and toned stomach .

What is a Tua Trainer PROGRAM?

It is a personal trainer session characterized by a specific number of repetitions, lifting times, degree of lifting, recovery times, frequencies and type of electrostimulation pulses.

The programs are different from each other and designed with a progressive effort, for the growth of training skills over time.

  • Program 1 - beginner subject
  • Program 2 - moderately trained subject
  • Program 3 - moderately trained person
  • Program 4 - trained subject
  • Program 5 - athletic subject


  • WAVE SHAPE: Symmetrical biphasic rectangular
  • FREQUENCY: From 4 to 60Hz
  • CURRENT INTENSITY: 60mA (peak on 1 Kohm load)
  • WIDTH OF THE PULSES: 200 µSec.
  • WEIGHT: 4 Kg (with batteries)
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 68x53x75 cm (assembled)
  • POWER SUPPLY: 4 rechargeable 1.2V 2100mAh NiMh type AA batteries or 4 1.5V alkaline batteries type AA
  • BATTERY CHARGER: AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz input, DC8.5V - 500mA 3.75VA output

Tua Trainer is supplied in 2 parts that are joined with a simple push-button joint, also useful for storing the device after use and reducing its size.


1 Frame with electronic control unit and electrode belt, 1 Frame with ball-jointed headrest, 1 Battery charger, 1 Set of 4 spare sponges for electrodes, 1 Spray for wetting the sponges, 4 Rechargeable batteries NiMh 12V 2100 mAh type AA-LR03, manual .


Your Trainer is safe
Compliant with the strictest international standards, entirely designed and manufactured by Vupiesse Italia, a company with a Quality System certified to EN ISO 9001: 2000 and EN ISO 13485: 2004 by the German TUV Rheinland , with experience in the production of electro-medical equipment widely used in major hospitals, sports medicine, physiotherapy and medical aesthetics centers.

Made in Italy