Tua Trend Face e Body

Tua Trend Face e Body

Tua Trend Face e Body - Electrostimulator - Vupiesse

Specific face and body treatments. In addition to the design and compactness, this electrostimulator adopts a revolutionary device for face applications and a simple and intuitive navigation system.

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Small, evolved, practical and effective! Vupiesse once again amazes us with a new range of innovative electrostimulators with a young and dynamic 'character' and above all simple to use.

The TUA TRE'ND Face & Body electrostimulator is a complete and specific electrostimulation device for face and neck treatments and for every part of the body.
Each area will be treated with a specific work program that will be activated by simply selecting the icon on the luminous display, using the navigation button which will also allow you to activate all the functions of the electrostimulator in an instant.

TUA TRE'ND Face & Body has a special patented electrode that allows optimal positioning on the various areas of the face to be treated.
The output generates a sinusoidal current at a particular frequency designed for maximum results and better stimulation comfort on the delicate facial muscles.

For body treatments it has 2 independent outputs designed to drive 4 adhesive gel electrodes particularly comfortable for applications on all areas of the body. The intensity of the stimulation can be adjusted directly by the user with precise steps of 1 mA.

The work programs are completely pre-set and already complete with all the specific parameters such as the frequency of the stimulations, the width of the impulses, the contraction times and the recovery times: only the intensity of the stimulation will have to be adjusted

The TUA TRE'ND Face & Body electrostimulator uses a special face applicator consisting of 2 sprung electrodes that can be oriented in every direction to be able to adapt to any face shape.


5 face programs:

The Face section has 5 work programs, each with specific frequencies and times for a specific area of the face. The programs are immediately selectable with the navigation buttons and displayed by clear icons on the luminous display.

  • PROGRAM 1 - Acts on the cheekbone area up to the edge of the ear.
  • PROGRAM 2 - Acts on the cheek, from the buccal to the mandibular angle.
  • PROGRAM 3 - Acts on the temporal area to intervene on the entire forehead.
  • PROGRAM 4 - Acts on the chin area and for the entire contour of the mandibular arch. The same program will also be used to stimulate the neck muscles.
  • PROGRAM 5 - Acts on the orbicular part and on the bag under the eyes.
12 programs for the body

The Body section of TUA TRE'ND Face & Body has 12 programs,

  • 6 for the upper body,
  • 6 for the lower part.

The programs are immediately selectable with the navigation buttons and displayed by clear icons on the luminous display

  • 1 SLIM - program for the slimming of adipose areas Localized adiposity is an increasingly widespread problem, thanks to poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, and of which the
    damage to aesthetics, but also to health. The reduction of adiposity passes through the regularization of the energy balance and can only be obtained in two ways: - reduction of the energy introduced, that is of the food; - increase in energy consumption, obtainable with an increase in metabolism, muscle activity or temperature. The excitomotor action of the 1 SLIM program, with its specific frequencies, its fast exercise (short contractions followed by equally short relaxation pauses), comparable to an aerobic gym work, subjects the treated part to a dynamic muscular activity which causes a considerable increase in local blood circulation and a consequent rise in temperature; this results in an increase in energy consumption without any effort. This "gymnastics" also has the advantage of being able to be carried out by everyone, without cardio-circulatory involvement, without acceleration of the respiratory acts or of the heartbeat.
  • 2 TONE - program for toning and firming The loss of skin and muscle tone is a natural phenomenon, as over the years our skin gradually tends to reduce its
    share of elastic fiber and water and with them its ability to remain taut and firm; also the muscles, thanks to the progressive sedentary lifestyle, are reduced in volume and tone. Alongside this age-related trend, situations such as pregnancy, sudden fattening and slimming, the presence of cellulite, the hormonal climate, all factors capable of causing an alternation of stretching and relaxation that harm the elasticity of the skin, must be considered. The 2 TONE program of TUA TRE'ND FACE & BODY is capable of determining a true targeted modeling by exploiting the excitomotor action of the current that optimizes trophism and muscle tone and drains stagnant liquids in the tissues. TONE exercises the muscles with specific working frequencies, with prolonged contractions followed by short relaxation pauses. In this way a severe muscular work is obtained, and a consequent intense blood circulation that allows a rapid recovery of muscle tone and mass.
  • 3 LIPOCELL - The 3 LIPOCELL program has a function of disposing of waste substances that tend to poison the cell (catabolites) favoring water retention, thanks to the trophic and
    capillarizing of the frequencies specifically used. Finally, the lipolytic action of this program is aimed at activating energy mechanisms - improving circulation ("warming" or "vasotonifying" cosmetics), - reducing adiposity (lipolytic products such as algae, iodine, caffeine, cola ...), - reduce edema (pressotherapy, draining cosmetics), - improve skin tone (excitomotor contractions). TUA TRE'ND FACE & BODY, through the combination of programs 3 (Lipocell), 1 (Slim-dynamic slimming), 2 (Tone-toning) can be an excellent tool to tackle the problem of cellulite. A constant use of these programs and the possible association of a low-calorie diet can guarantee appreciable results.
  • 4 MASS - Specific program for the development of power and muscle mass; the hypertrophic action of this program will help to restore volume and trophism to the affected part.
  • 5 M-STRENGTH - Specific program for strengthening the muscles,
    especially of the paravertebral and muscle
    great dorsal.
    The positioning of the electrodes for all muscles will be the mirror image of that indicated in the case of excitomotor electrostimulation.
  • 6 RELAX - Decontracting program, particularly useful for muscle relaxation from contractures (eg cervical area, upper trapezius and muscle bundles adjacent to the spine).
    Muscle contractures manifest themselves with tensions in the connective fibers which, by hardening, hinder the intradermal exchanges necessary for the normal functioning of the muscle mass. The action of TUA TRE'ND Face & Body 6 RELAX program on contracted areas of the body favors a better blood flow and the unblocking of tense and inelastic muscles, facilitating a rapid neuromuscular readjustment of the area.


  • No. of outputs: 2
  • Wave form: FACE: modulated sinusoidal. BODY: symmetrical biphasic re-rectangular
  • No. of programs: 17 (5 specific for face and neck, 12 specific for body)
  • Contraction times: FACE: 3 sec. / BODY: 1-12 sec.
  • Recovery times: FACE: 3 sec / BODY: 1-25 sec
  • Current intensity 60/70 mA max (on 1KOhm load)
  • Pulse width: BODY from150 µSec. at 200 µSec.
  • Frequency range: BODY from 1 Hz to 80 Hz
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.2V 750mA rechargeable AAA batteries or 4 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries
  • Weight: 120g (with batteries)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 60 x 18 mm
  • Charger: Input: AC 230V ~ 50 / 60Hz / Output: DC 7.5V - 200mA -1.5VA


1 electrostimulator, 1 facial treatment handpiece, 1 pack of 4 adhesive electrodes 35x45, 1 pack of 4 adhesive electrodes 40x90, 2 cables for electrodes, 1 pack of 6 spare sponges for face electrodes, 1 mains adapter, 1 spray bottle for water, 1 quick use guide, 1 manual DVD, 4 rechargeable batteries {extra}