Twin Up T7 Sonic

Twin Up T7 Sonic

Twin Up T7 Sonic - Electrostimulator - Vupiesse

Electrostimulator and ultrasound in a single device for body and face! 4 electrostimulation channels with 7 programs and ultrasound unit with 4 programs.

Spedito in 1-2 giorni

Twin-Up T7 Sonic Vupiesse is a newly conceived device that combines the synergistic effect of two particularly important methods for aesthetic purposes: electrostimulation and ultrasound .

The electrostimulation section is designed for induced muscle exercise which has as its goal training, firming, toning the muscles of the whole body.

The ultrasound section is designed to act in depth on the adipose areas and treat the imperfections of cellulite through inaudible sound vibrations that interact with the more or less deep tissues of our body.

The synergistic use of the two methods allows to obtain the widest results.

Double set of electrodes for the electrostimulation section: Twin-Up T7 Sonic has adhesive gel electrodes (supplied with 2 sets of 4 9x4 cm electrodes and 2 sets of 4 round adhesive gel electrodes for the face).


The electrical stimulation unit of Twin-Up T7 Sonic has a total of 7 work programs covering 2 basic categories: Fitness and Beauty.

These programs have been specially designed by a team of experts in order to satisfy all specific needs, according to the electrical parameters and the consequent objectives to be achieved; it also has an eighth program called Set-Up (prog.0) specific to identify the intensity of stimulation on individual muscle groups.

  • 1 SLIM: slimming
  • 2 TONE: firming
  • 3 LIPOCELL: lipolytic, draining. Against the imperfections of cellulite
  • 4 T-BREAST: breast
  • 5 DECO: decontracting, relaxation
  • 6 DRAIN: draining
  • 7 FACE: anti-aging face


The Twin-Up T7 Sonic ultrasound unit has a total of 4 work programs plus a manual mode for aesthetic treatment.

  • 1 Impact
  • 2 Modeling
  • 3 Draining
  • 4 Maintenance


The design and production of Twin-Up T7 Sonic have been carried out in compliance with the requirements imposed by the company Quality System certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485: 2004 by TÜV Rheinland Italia Srl.


  • 1 Unit for electrostimulation
  • 1 Ultrasound unit
  • 4 cables for connecting the electrodes
  • 1 handpiece with ultrasound head
  • 2 series of 4 round adhesive gel face electrodes 2.5 cm diameter
  • 2 sets of 4 adhesive gel body electrodes 9x4 cm
  • 1 bottle of 260ml ultrasound gel
  • 1 mains adapter
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 storage case


Electrostimulation unit:

  • No. of outputs: 4
  • Wave form: compensated rectangular
  • Pulse width: 50 - 200µSec
  • No. of programs: 7 +1 for Set-up
  • Current intensity: 70mA (peak on pulse, 1KΩ load)
  • Power supply: 4 1.5 alkaline AA type batteries or 1 Ni-Mh 4.8V-1.000 mA / h rechargeable battery pack (standard) or its power supply
  • Dimensions: 118 x 125 x h1 49 x h2 21 mm
  • Contraction times: 1-10 sec.
  • Recovery times: 1-8 sec.
  • Frequency range: 1-100 Hz
  • Weight: 300g (with Ni-Mh battery pack)

Ultrasound unit:

  • Ultrasound frequency: 1Mhz ± 5%
  • Wave form: sine wave
  • Output power: 2W
  • No. of programs: 4 + manual function
  • Emitting surface: 12cm²
  • Power supply: 12VDC 1,2A mains adapter
  • Dimensions: 120 x 49 x 45 mm
  • Treatment times: 15 min. with automatic shutdown
  • Type of emission: Continuous and pulsed
  • Power regulation: 20-40-60-80-100%
  • Weight: 203 g