You - Electrostimulator - Vupiesse

The ideal solution to combat loss of tone, adiposity, cellulite. Practical, handy and compact: always carry it with you and use it frequently anywhere and in all circumstances!

Spedito in 1-2 giorni

YOU, the most comfortable, effective, intelligent way to shape your whole body and regain the right tone without effort and
without stealing time from daily commitments. A few minutes a day for truly amazing results: lift the buttocks,
slim the belly, tone the breasts, firm the thighs and fight cellulite.

It is an electrostimulator for passive gymnastics. Through the action of 2 electrodes in contact with the skin, it is able to
induce effective and pleasant muscle contractions in order to tone, firm, lift and relax the
musculature of the whole body. The battery-operated electronic control unit generates wave modulated electrical impulses
compensated square, specifically designed to obtain precise muscle exercises. YOU uses the exclusive system
patented ROTOFIT®, a pair of electrodes that can be oriented in any direction, for optimal positioning on the various groups
muscles and an immediate adaptation to different physical conformations.


  • Loss of skin and muscle tone
    The excitomotor effect of the YOU impulses allows a pleasant contraction of the large muscle bundles, as well as of the
    thin skin fibrils.
    This involuntary "gymnastics" on the one hand makes the skin more taut and elastic, on the other hand it gives it consistency by toning the
    muscle floor below. The visible effects will thus be the disappearance of the relaxation at the level of the abdomen, of the
    buttocks, inner thighs and breasts, with a fuller appearance of the muscles and a firmer and more toned skin.
  • Accentuated adiposity.
    The impulses generated by YOU have a reducing effect on excess fat; in fact they are lipolytic, that is
    accelerate tissue metabolism
    adipose. In this way, during the treatment it will be possible to appreciate a progressive decrease in fat pads,
    thanks also to the improvement of bleeding, to the advantages on the skin aspect and to a drainage on liquids
  • Cellulite.
    The application of YOU improves the appearance of both cellulite with adiposity and those with circulatory stasis. The impulses
    generated in fact favor
    the drainage of stagnant liquids and toxins; they improve local circulation and therefore tissue nutrition;
    increase metabolism and the reduction of excess fat. The visible consequences will therefore be less skin
    orange peel, with less imbibition liquids, with fewer fat pads. The resumption of skin tone will also reduce
    the hollows and sagging characteristic of older cellulite.
  • Muscle contractures.
    The action of YOU on the contracted areas of the body favors a greater blood supply and the unblocking of tense muscles
    and inelastic,
    facilitating a rapid neuromuscular readjustment of the area.


  • Wave shape: Compensated rectangular, to minimize any phenomena of tissue polarization
  • Pulse generator: Current generator - The current is kept almost constant as the load varies (up to a load of 1 Kohm).
  • Frequencies: 70 Hz + -10%
  • Stimulation intensity: 1-60 mA + - 10% on 1KOhm load with continuous potentiometer adjustment.
  • Pulse width: 200 microsec.
  • Contraction time range: 1 sec.
  • Recovery time range: 1 sec.


Container box with support for YOU, elastic fastening strap, spare sponges, spray bottle, transparent case
foldable, 9 Volt battery supplied, user manual and warranty certificate