Mio Care Pro

Mio Care Pro

Mio Care Pro - Electrostimulator - I-Tech

Professional two-channel electrostimulator equipped with programs for pain therapy, muscle stimulation and for aesthetic purposes. Equipped with 50 programs and 13 free customizable memories.

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Special Price €169.00 was €219.00
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MIO CARE PRO is a two-channel electrostimulator designed by the IACER laboratory to provide a complete product capable of practicing pain therapy, muscle stimulation and real aesthetic treatments.

The electrostimulator despite the infinite possibilities of use, it is a simple product, easy to use thanks to the clear display and the programs already installed.

Mio Care Pro has 50 programs divided into Tens, Nems and Beauty, as well as having 13 free programmable memories, according to your needs. Furthermore, the electrostimulator is able to generate a biphasic and compensated square wave.

The usefulness of generating a compensated wave allows the amount of current flowing from the positive to the negative pole to remain the same and constant, thus avoiding the dangerous thermal effect.

Thanks to the Tens programs, you can cure all pain pathologies, from muscle fatigue to chronic pain. Nems programs are the best support for sports and non-sportsmen, both from a rehabilitation point of view to regain muscle mass and strength, and for athletes who want to improve performance.

The Mio Care Pro electrostimulator is like having a beauty center at your complete disposal, you can perform treatments against fat such as lipolysis, define, firm, improve the elasticity of the tissues and the firmness of the skin.


  • 14 TENS programs
  • 21 NEMS programs
  • 15 BEAUTY programs
  • 5 Free TENS memories
  • 7 NEMS free memories
  • 1 Battery test


  • electrotherapy with 2 independent channels with the possibility of connecting up to 8 electrodes
  • biphasic and compensated square wave generator
  • polarization is possible instead with an uncompensated wave stimulator
  • TENS - NEMS - BEAUTY programs
  • 13 free memories TENS - NEMS
  • digital keyboard with simple and intuitive controls
  • instructions on the program in progress and remaining time provided directly on the display
  • operation with internal rechargeable battery (removable)
  • backlit display
  • maximum intensity 200 mApp
  • CE0476 certified medical device


  • TENS and NEMS electrotherapy with graphic display
  • 2 electrode connection cables with 4 leads (total 8 connectable electrodes)
  • Pre-gelled adhesive electrodes
  • Ni-Mh rechargeable internal battery with new LL (long-lasting) low self-discharge technology
  • Battery charger
  • Belt clip
  • User manual and electrode positions manual
  • Carrying bag