iLift Filler

iLift Filler

iLift Filler -

Facial anti-wrinkle device. It combines the action of the principles contained in the vials, the emission of positive ions and the micro-massage.
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iLift Filler is a cutting-edge device in the aesthetic sector: through the emission of positive ions it facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the vials, while thanks to the action of the micro massage it gives tone and brightness to the skin.

His action

Only 5 minutes a day are enough to obtain a plumping effect.

The intelligence of iLift Filler lies in evenly distributing the laserlift face filler formulation through the special roller tip, which electropores the active ingredients, making them penetrate deeply.

Laserlift Facefiller: the active ingredients

Laserlift botAction vials turns out to be an original formulation with innovative active ingredients, in a filler effect treatment.

  • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid is a natural polymer with a strong moisturizing power and filling effect.
  • The anti-aging octapeptide reduces the contraction of mimic-facial muscles with a botAction effect.
  • The Glycerine Extract of Blueberry, Currant, Strawberry and Lychee with antioxidant, astringent, moisturizing and refreshing power.

These activities have been verified with tests, confirming the effectiveness in the reduction and prevention of expression lines, helping to rebuild a healthier, younger and more beautiful skin day after day.

iLift Filler was born from the research laboratories of the “home” division of, a leader in the field of professional aesthetic medicine.


  • ILifit Filler device
  • 6 vials of 2 ml laserlift Facefiller
  • User manual
  • AAA battery