Soft Skin + Tester Omaggio

Soft Skin + Tester Omaggio

Soft Skin + Tester Omaggio - Pulsed light epilator - I-Tech

Permanent pulsed light epilator, selective photothermolysis at 5 energy levels that can be set according to the skin tone, suitable for face, armpits, arms, legs, bikini area. Useful life of the lamps of 50,000 pulses, with indicator of the residual life. Integrated UV filter. Protective goggles and velvet case included. One head included. Complimentary tester to check your skin tone.

Special Price €189.00 was €299.00

Permanent pulsed light hair removal in the comfort of your home.

The Soft Skin pulsed light device allows you to achieve remarkable results in the field of permanent hair removal with extreme ease of use comfortably at home.

Soft Skin is suitable for the whole body: face, armpits, arms, legs, bikini area. All your permanent hair removal needs, gathered in one home device.

In tribute the very useful "Skin Tone Sensor" Tester.

Skin Tone Sensor is a small test device, worth € 69.00 but free for those who buy Soft Skin, which allows you to test your skin before treatment: the device will measure the tone of your skin and will recommend the perfect energy level to set on your Soft Skin pulsed light epilator.

Thanks to the five energy levels that can be set , the Soft Skin pulsed light epilator adapts to any type of skin, considerably reducing any redness and ensuring excellent performance in terms of effectiveness. In addition, the high number of spots of each lamp (up to 50,000 pulses) ensures a long life for complete, long-lasting treatments on the whole body.

Pulsed light (Intense Pulsed Light, IPL ) is a technique that has made it possible to achieve important results in the field of permanent hair removal and dermatology, exploiting the light energy generated by a high-power light source.

The interaction of light energy with the tissues is used to hit, by means of a thermal effect, a specific target (chromophore) such as the hair follicle or capillary vessel.

This technique is based on selective photothermolysis where the energy absorbed by the chromophore is transformed into heat, overheating the hair and leaving the surrounding area unaltered.

With Soft Skin you will forget about those painful hair removal treatments, and you will enjoy a smooth and soft skin permanently and at low cost, in your home!


  • Lamp autonomy 50,000 pulses
  • 5 adjustable energy levels
  • Maximum power 4.2 J / cm2
  • Spot area 3.1 cm2
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Power supply 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Head Life Remaining Indicator
  • Correct contact indicator between skin and head
  • Suitable for face, armpits, arms, legs, bikini area


  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) pulsed light device
  • 1 HR head for permanent hair removal
  • Safety goggles
  • power supply
  • User manual
  • Protective velvet case