Corsetto Tenomag + Magnetoterapia Orthomag

Corsetto Tenomag + Magnetoterapia Orthomag

Corsetto Tenomag + Magnetoterapia Orthomag - Magnetotherapy - Tenortho

Back brace with integrated magnetotherapy, very comfortable for anti-inflammatory treatments and tissue regeneration even in motion. Available in 3 sizes.

As low as €630.00 was €700.00
Generalmente spedito in 2-4 giorni

Tenomag is an absolute novelty at an international level!

Tenomag is the first spinal brace in carbon fbra with integrated magnetotherapy: the result of the partnership and expertise of two Italian companies Tenortho & ITech Medical Division.
Tenomag was born from the union of the Ten-Y modular brace (extremely successful in spinal pathologies) with the latest news Orthomag magnetotherapy at Itech Medical Division, European leader in the sale and production of electro-medical devices for magnetotherapy.


Tenomag is made entirely of patented C6TEX material.
On the back it is equipped with an 'UP and DOWN' cursor capable of providing two basic operations:

  • Considerably reduce the tolerability of the traction straps on the shoulders (shoulder straps).
  • Keep the proprioception of the shoulder and paravertebral muscles alive, avoiding unnecessary muscle atrophies.

The internal screen printing offers the possibility to position the solenoid (flexible and ultra-thin) exactly on the area to be treated without wasting the treatment energy.
CEMP magnetotherapy induces the reduction of the inflammatory process and stimulates bone regeneration.

Tenomag is the solution for those looking for stabilization, therapy and movement in a single article.


To calculate the size, measure the circumference of the pelvis

  • 1: 70/90 cm
  • 2: 90/110 cm
  • 3: 110/130 cm



  • Bust
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Solenoid
  • Car charger
  • Charger