Tecnocell pack 5x3

Tecnocell pack 5x3

Tecnocell pack 5x3 - Wellstore

5x3 special! Buy 5 Shorts for the price of 3!

LIMITED OFFER! Slimming shorts with TRIPLE LAYER: elastic fabric, latex, Sanitizer fabric (antibacterial). 3 COMBINED ACTIONS: thermolipolysis, drainage and massage. Maximum quality and effectiveness for shaping the buttocks and waist.

As low as €23.70
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While supplies last, offer 5x3! Buy 5 shorts and pay only 3!

Slimming and shaping action:

3 LAYERS = 3 COMBINED ACTIONS in one short!

TecnoCell slimming shorts are the effective solution to the problem of extra centimeters and cellulite on the waist, thighs and buttocks.


  • THERMOPOLYSIS : Locally increases body temperature
  • DRAINAGE : Increases the microcirculation and the lymphatic system
  • MASSAGE: Carry out a constant micro-massage


TecnoCells are made with a special fabric composed of 3 layers , which work in synergy with each other.

  1. Outer layer: resistant elastic fabric that develops tension against the movement of the body, creating a micro-massage action.
  2. Intermediate layer: breathable natural latex which increases body temperature, improving circulation, promoting the drainage of excess liquids and assisting in the elimination of toxins . The result? Obvious loss of centimeters in areas affected by cellulite.
  3. Inner layer: the layer in contact with the skin is in pure antifungal and antibacterial SANITIZER cotton , with a texture specially designed and created to create a continuous pressure and relaxation action. This beneficial massage improves the appearance of the skin,   making it more toned.


TecnoCell shorts can be worn at any time of the day, they disappear completely under clothing and if used even during sports, they make training more effective by increasing perspiration and temperature in 'critical' areas.

In fact, from the very first use, a thin layer of sweat is noticed on the skin, a clear symptom of an increase in body temperature in the treated area, which activates the circulation and eliminates toxins.
Already after a few days the skin will appear smoother and firmer , after a few weeks you will notice the reduction in centimeters of localized fat deposits.

Also perfect during the night, to shape your body while you sleep!


  • Black colour
  • Material: 65% Latex / 18% Polyester / 17% Cotton


  • Size 36; Waist: 62cm; Basin: 85cm
  • Size 38; Waist: 68cm; Basin: 90cm
  • Size 40; Waist: 74cm; Basin: 95cm
  • Size 44; Waist: 86cm; Basin: 105cm
  • Size 46; Waist: 92cm; Basin: 110cm
  • Size 48; Waist: 98cm; Basin: 115cm
  • Size 50; Waist:104cm; Basin: 120cm
  • Size 52; Waist: 110cm; Basin: 125cm
  • Size 54; Waist: 116cm; Basin: 130cm
  • Size 56; Waist: 122cm; Basin: 135cm