G-Vibe 100

G-Vibe 100

G-Vibe 100 - Vibrating platform - Globus

SUPER OFFER! (last pieces available). Compact vibrating platform that adapts to all spaces, including small ones. It can become your new personal trainer and with only 10 minutes of training a day and total body vibrations, you can excellently replace a training session in the gym.

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Globus G-Vibe 100 , a jolting vibration platform, can become your new personal trainer and with only 10 minutes of training a day and total body vibrations, you can excellently replace a training session in the gym.

Physical exercise plays a central role not only in maintaining one's health, but also in physical recovery following trauma or problems of various kinds.

The Globus G Vibe 100 vibrating platform therefore becomes a unique tool due to the multiplicity of practicable exercises, which make it an indispensable aid for different categories of users:
from the professional athlete, to the elderly, or simply, for those who want to improve their physical shape, with important aesthetic results.

Scientific tests and experimental tests highlight how training with the vibrating platform allows you to reach and maintain physical shape and a sense of well-being, thanks to the particular effects of vibrations.

From the first moments of exercise on the platform, the effects of the vibration begin to be clearly felt: the muscles contract 100%, blood circulation increases and elasticity improves.

At the same time, other much more important and profound long-lasting adaptations take place: the bone structures are strengthened, the secretion of some important hormones increases, the metabolism increases, the consumption of calories and the central and peripheral nervous system are stimulated.

So beautiful body, inside and out!

Vibration training produces an increase in the basic metabolism, and an increase in calorie consumption linked to muscular work on the platform.The body, due to the greater secretion of GH hormone, uses fats to a greater extent, to satisfy the energy requirement producing an important slimming effect.

Vibratory stimulation with the Globus G Vibe 100 vibrating platform is able to increase peripheral circulation from 100% to 150%, favors the uptake of oxygen and facilitates venous return with beneficial effects for people suffering from circulatory disorders.

The stimulation with vibrations produces an effect comparable to a deep and relaxing massage thanks to competing actions.

The vibrations act on tendons, capsules and connective tissues, increasing the amplitude and smoothness of the joint movement, favoring a greater capacity to stretch the muscles.

10 minutes equals:

1 hour of exercises in the gym with strength machines.
1 hour of exercises with weights, leg press and treadmill.
2 hours of tennis.
2 hours of fast running exercises.
2 hours of squash.
1 hour of strengthening exercises.

Let's go into detail:

The frequency is adjustable from 15 to 55 Hz .

G-Vibe 100 is equipped with a 200 Watt power engine that develops acceleration ranging from 1 to 4G.

The 4-window LCD display allows immediate reading of the main training parameters:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Program
  • Cycle

From the G-Vibe 100 display it is possible to select one of the 5 preset programs:

  • Warm Up
  • Toning
  • Slimming
  • Stretching
  • Massage

Vibe 100 is also equipped with 1 free program with the possibility to modify all the training parameters.

G-Vibe 100 supports a maximum user weight up to 110 Kg.

The Pause function allows you to temporarily interrupt the program at any time, to resume later from the same point.


  • MOTOR: 1 x DC 200W
  • POWER SUPPLY: 220V, 50/60 Hz
  • WEIGHT: 25 Kg
  • DIMENSIONS plate: cm. 62 x 40
  • Height: cm. 116
  • DISPLAY: 4 LCD with display of Programs, Frequency, Times and Cycles
  • VIBRATION RANGE: 15 - 55 Hz
  • Amplitude: Low (1.8 - +/- 0.5 mm)
  • Acceleration: 1- 4 G
  • 5 preset programs + 1 free program
  • Pause function
  • Straps supplied


  • Vibrating platform
  • User and assembly manual in Italian
  • Upper body training straps