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Panca Standard - Postural bench - La Posturale

Postural bench in plywood, seat mattress in polyurethane foam. 10 positions 15-87 °. It improves posture and physical condition thanks to its action on muscle tension and stiffness.

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The Postural Bench Bench Standard is capable of realigning the posture with simplicity by acting on the entirety of the kinetic chains.

The bench is able to restore freedom and well-being to the whole body through decompensated global muscle lengthening.

This is not just a simple analytical and classic stretching. It is a muscle lengthening done in correct posture and without allowing 'compensations', that is, those antalgic mechanisms that the body puts in place to escape the tensions, pains or simple discomforts that it deems unwelcome.

Available in 4 colors.

What is it for?

The postural bench improves posture and physical condition thanks to its action on muscle tension and stiffness. It is able to act indirectly in the following pathologies:

  • breathing blocks
  • venous and lymphatic stasis
  • muscle hypotonia
  • pain in general
  • myotensive headaches
  • hip arthrosis
  • cervical arthrosis
  • lumbar arthrosis
  • osteoarthritis of the knee
  • hallux valgus
  • neck pain
  • herniated discs
  • Jatal hernias
  • pins and needles
  • low back pain
  • loin sciatica
  • paraesthesia
  • protusions
  • carpal tunnel

Why does the postural bench work?

Because it re- stretches tense or retracted muscles through symmetrical and global work. It can also relax and stretch the muscles with which it is usually not possible to work in a targeted manner. Each time it is used, the body assumes an immediately more correct position and attitude. By releasing muscle tension, the joints will be freer to move smoothly.
Each exercise also involves the diaphragm , improving breathing. By loosening the tension of the muscles, the lymphatic and venous circulation will also benefit.

Who is the postural bench useful for?

The bench is ideal for those who suffer from circulatory and respiratory problems. It can be used on young people to correct spoiled attitudes assumed by carrying heavy backpacks and spending many hours hunched over school desks and books. Professional and non-professional athletes can use it to gently restore balance after activity , because a correct body shape improves performance and reduces injuries.
The bench can be used by elderly people who want to regain mobility in a gentle way. It can also be a pleasant anti-stress and is suitable for preventive exercises.

There are no age limits or contraindications for the use of the Postural Bench

Degrees Inclination

  • Position 1: 15 degrees
  • Position 2: 25 degrees
  • Position 3: 32 degrees
  • Position 4: 39 degrees
  • Position 5: 45 degrees
  • Position 6: 51 degrees
  • Position 7: 58 degrees
  • Position 8: 66 degrees
  • Position 9: 74 degrees
  • Position 10: 87 degrees


  • Closed measures: 20 x 30 h120 cm
  • Open size: 210 x 30 h10 / 118 cm
  • Weight 16 kg
  • Structure: natural wood
  • Coating: Red / Blue / Black / White
  • 11-layer Birch plywood essence 15mm thick
  • Seat mat in 20mm thick elastic polyurethane foam (foam)
  • Seat upholstery, 800gr / mq fiber-reinforced eco-leather
  • Hinges in natural brass or galvanized 1.6 / 2.0mm thick
  • Handles and guides in anodized aluminum, 1.5mm thick
  • Neck pillow + Leg locking band, included
  • Tube diameter 12mm, guide size 15 x 15mm
  • Maximum weight supported: 150 kg

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