Pressoterapia Mesis PressoSport Pressomedical

PressoSport PressoMedical 1.0 (2 leggings + 1 armband + Abdominal band)

PressoSport PressoMedical 1.0 (2 leggings + 1 armband + Abdominal band) - Pressure therapy - Mesis

PORTABLE pressotherapy for SPORTS professional and home use, 2 leggings with 4 chambers, 1 armband, 1 abdominal band, treatment timer, pressure regulation from 30 to 250 mmHg.

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The only pressotherapy model for Sport with medical certification!

The PressoSport® PressoMedical 1.0 Mesis sports pressotherapy is a device for professional and home use , equipped with a sequential lymphatic drainage program with Sovrex® chamber accessories.
This pressure therapy is designed for the athlete's passive cool-down and rapid muscle recovery, because the timing of inflation, pause, deflation and the speed of the cycles make it the best program for sporting purposes.

The PressoSport PressoMedical 1.0 pressure therapy performs a massage aimed at reducing muscle tension caused by stress or acute or chronic pain.
The lymphatic drainage effect of pressotherapy, in fact, allows excess interstitial fluids to return to the circulatory system, so as to be correctly eliminated.
The result is a better functioning of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system which assists the natural processes of elimination of toxic substances circulating in the body.

For all sportsmen

Pressotherapy is dedicated to all sportsmen, from professionals to amateurs, all those who wish to maximize recovery times will benefit from the use of PressoSport PressoMedical.
Scientific studies have shown that muscle fatigue is less after lymphatic drainage than after normal rest. This and other findings suggest that lymphatic drainage is helpful in relieving muscle fatigue.

Recovery with PressoSport

This pressotherapy is ideal for physical recovery: it can be used during passive rest, simulating an active recovery session.
In fact, the PressoSport PressoMedical simulates manual massage, promoting the outflow of liquids and relaxing contracted muscles. Furthermore, it helps to speed up the disposal of lactic acid in the complete absence of muscle contraction, without any movement or effort.

How to use?

With PressoSport pressotherapy you will also receive a free file from Dr. Bottega which summarizes the experience of using PressoSport with your athletes. Inside you can read how the pressure massage was used based on the type of goal to be achieved and in relation to the athletic training period: Maintenance, Standard, Top performance, Post competition, Pre competition, Amateur, Lumbar relief.

How does the sequential program work?

The chambers of the accessories are filled with air one at a time, keeping the previous ones inflated until they are fully inflated, to then deflate the whole leg (or cuff or band) and restart inflating one chamber at a time.
For example, the inflation in the leggings which starts from the bottom and gradually rises towards the other, stimulates the outflow of liquids from the feet where they usually tend to stagnate.

One simple program

The PressoSport® PressoMedical 1.0 medical pressotherapy is equipped with a single sequential program to which the intensity, pressure and timer can be adjusted . Pressure regulation is recommended by a doctor who knows the person's physical conditions, after which you can learn how to best use pressure therapy on your own.

Sovrex® technology for PressoSport®

PressoSport® PressoMedical 1.0 pressotherapy uses Sovrex® technology applicators (Sovrex leggings and Sovrex bracelet, while the abdominal band is of the Standard type): the 4 independent air chambers inside the applicators, for example in the leggings, are overlapping, so the inflation phase of one chamber to the next is fluid and without interruptions, improving comfort and the effect of the massage. The leggings are equipped with a self-locking zip which, even if not completely closed (in case the legging is longer than the leg), allows regular use.

PressoSport® PressoMedical 1.0: the equipment

The PressoSport® PressoMedical 1.0 pressotherapy is complete with leggings, armband, band and carrying bag . By inflating the chambers of the applicators, the manual lymphatic drainage massage is simulated which reactivates , through the Passive Cool-down®, the lymphatic and venous circulation , increasing the spraying of the tissues and their consequent physiological renewal.

Accessories combination

The pressotherapy has 2 leggings, Slim Body Kit and 1 bracelet that can be used alone or at the same time, it is possible to use 1 to 4 applicators at the same time, you can decide between 11 possible combinations.

Aesthetic and medical use

Pressure therapy can also be used to obtain visible results in combating cellulite and orange peel skin, it is useful to drain the liquids that cause these blemishes.
In addition, pressotherapy is useful for the treatment of edema, post-operative lymphedema, heavy and swollen legs and ankles , post-mastectomy treatment, for the recovery of lymphatic circulation in the arms, treatment for lymphatic and venous circulation, adjuvant treatment to liposuction.


  • Class IIa CE0598 medical device for home and professional use
  • 1 program
  • Pressure regulation 30~250mmHg <15%;
  • Adjustable treatment time 10~30 min.
  • Power supply: AC220V~ AC240V 50/60Hz
  • Energy consumption 65VA
  • Dimensions 24X20X12cm
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • 24 months warranty


  • Pressotherapy PressoSport PressoMedical
  • Sovrex® 4 chamber leg warmers
  • Sovrex® 4 chamber bracelet
  • Standard 4-chamber buttock abdominal belt
  • Slim Body kit composed as follows: standard buttocks abdominal band + single connector + splitter for the simultaneous use of the 2 leggings with the band
  • Single connector (for band, legging or cuff)
  • Splitters
  • Bag for carrying accessories
  • Multilingual manual