Medipress (2 gambali + fascia addominale)

Medipress (2 gambali + fascia addominale)

Medipress (2 gambali + fascia addominale) - Pressotherapy - Fisiopress

Professional pressotherapy, with 2 leggings with 6 overlapping sections + abdominal band. 1 program, power 0-160 mmHg. Ideal for aesthetic and medical treatments. Medical device CE 0476. Made in Italy.

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Medipress pressotherapy is very suitable for improving all those situations where blood circulation is compromised or deficient:

  • Prevention and therapy of venous and lymphatic disorders
  • Primary and secondary lymphedema
  • Post mastectomy lymphedema
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Venous ulcers
  • Prevention of deep vein thrombosis
  • Post phlebitic syndrome
  • Pre and post-operative therapies
  • Muscle pump dysfunction
  • Prolonged muscle inactivity
  • Integration of manual massage
  • Adjuvant in the discharge of the venous and lymphatic tracts during pregnancy
  • In the practice of sports medicine
  • Limb rehabilitation
  • Aesthetic medicine

Compression can be used for aesthetic and medical purposes through various instruments.

One of these is mechanical air compression, that is the use of a device that uses air pockets to compress, massaging specific parts of the body.

Also in this case, various application methods can be used and the desired result depends on them. Fisiopress exclusively uses 'sequential distal-proximal intermittent' mechanical air pressure therapy.

The 'distal-proximal sequential' indication. it means that the compression starts from the extremity of the limb (foot or hand) and then continues pushing step by step the liquid that stagnates in the limb up to the trunk.

For this compression to be effective, the pressure on the first segment must never be less than that exerted on the second, that of the second never less than the third and so on, in full compliance with the natural flow path.

Furthermore, there must be no gap between one sector and the next or the previous one. To achieve this objective, partially overlapping pockets must be used so that between the segments there are no spaces in which pressure is not exerted. It is therefore necessary to create an internal 'pocketed' structure inside the leg / cuff terminal to keep these pneumatic bags perfectly parallel and partially overlapping.

The 'intermittent' indication means that you need to compress (inflate the bags one after the other) for a certain time then stop (let the bags empty completely) and start over. The times of the operating cycle (compression-decompression) have been validated by scientific research and many international studies confirm their effectiveness. The choice for the Medipress is an operating cycle of 60 seconds, of which 48 for compression and 12 for pause.

Fisiopress Medipress is a pressure therapy device with certificate for professional use, medical certification CE 0476.

On request it is possible to have the certification for professional aesthetic use.


  • Sequential pressotherapy system with 6 double output sectors to drive 2 leggings or 2 bracelets at the same time.
  • Max Pressure range 0 - 160 mm. of Hg on a terminal and 0 - 80 mm. of Hg on two terminals
  • DASC system to maintain homogeneous pressures in the pockets inside the terminals ( Fisiopress exclusive ).
  • Compressive / decompression operating cycle lasting 60 seconds (48 seconds of compression and 12 seconds of release).
  • Legs with 6 sectors with joined foot: length 80 cm, circumferences max. thigh 68 cm, calf 50 cm, ankle 42 cm
  • Abdominal belt 2 sectors, length 120 cm, height 30 cm
  • Pockets inside the terminals partially overlapped .
  • Tubes: length 180cm, external diameter 8cm
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg
  • CE 0476 medical certificate
  • Made in Italy


  • Medipress device
  • 2 leggings
  • Abdominal band + connectors
  • Duplication set to operate 2 leggings at the same time
  • User manual

Medipress can expand its functions thanks to the use of optional accessories not supplied (available on request):

  • 6 sectors bracelets