Intense Waves

Intense Waves

Intense Waves - pressotherapy - Mesis

Pressotherapy for home use, Sovrex © 4-section leggings and bracelets with overlapping chambers, supports up to 4 accessories at the same time. Pressure regulation from 30 to 240 mmHg. Available in various configurations.
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Spedito in 1-2 giorni

The Mesis Intense Waves pressure therapy device is intended for home use.

Intense Waves Pressomassage is equipped with the new sequential program designed for maximum massage effectiveness. It uses the new inflation times and cycle speeds, developed thanks to Mesis' decades of experience in the pressure massage sector. It has only one program, but one of the best , inherited from its recently released older sister, the Perfect Waves Pressomassage .

Aesthetic applications of Intense Waves Pressomassage MESIS®:

  • Cellulite
  • Water retention
  • Orange peel skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Firming
  • Aesthetic lymphatic drainage massage for legs
  • Arm aesthetic lymphatic drainage massage
  • Heavy legs
  • Swollen feet and legs
  • Relax
Only for women?

Being able to benefit from a highly relaxing and rejuvenating massage is a fantastic opportunity for men too ! After a day of work, take a moment dedicated to your psychophysical well-being and enjoy a pleasant massage!


Perfect Waves Pressomassage uses applicators with the new Sovrex © technology (Sovrex leggings and Sovrex cuff): the 4 independent air chambers inside the applicators, for example in the leggings, are partially overlapped, thus the inflation phase of a chamber to the next one it is fluid and without interruptions, improving the comfort and effectiveness of the massage.

Gambali e bracciali Sovrex per la Perfect Waves Pressomassage

The leggings are equipped with a self-locking zipper, so even if not completely closed (for example in the case in which the legging is longer than the leg), it allows regular use.

Super Effective Sequential Intense Massage

The chambers are filled with air one at a time, keeping the previous ones inflated until full inflation (for example in the cuff, the whole leg will be under pressure), and then completely deflated and resumed the cycle starting from the first chamber (from the foot in the case of the leg, from the hand in the case of the bracelet)

Sequential Program

Personalize your massage

Intense Waves Pressomassage is equipped with pressure intensity adjustment and a configurable timer with auto-off. Benefit from a Super Effective massage in the comfort and intimacy of your home!


  • Aesthetic device for home use with Italian declaration of conformity
  • 1 program
  • Pressure regulation 30 ~ 240mmHg ± 10%;
  • Adjustable treatment time 0 ~ 30 min.
  • Power supply: AC220V ~ AC240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Power 25 Watt
  • Dimensions 240X200X115mm
  • Weight: 2.0 kg. The equipment, the packaging 3.5 kg.
  • 24 months warranty


It may vary by configuration:

  • Compressor
  • Sovrex © 4-chamber leggings
  • Sovrex © bracelet with 4 chambers
  • 4-chamber buttocks abdominal band
  • Slim Body Kit: abdominal buttocks band + single connector + splitter for the simultaneous use of the 2 leggings with the band
  • Single connector (for headband, cuff or cuff)
  • Splitter
  • Multilingual manual