Perfect Waves

Perfect Waves

Perfect Waves - Pressotherapy - Mesis

Professional and domestic pressotherapy, Sovrex © overlapping chambers with 4 sections, supports up to 5 accessories at the same time, for a complete treatment. Inflation chambers that can be activated and deactivated at will. Equipped with remote control for remote control. Pressure regulation from 30 to 240 mmHg. Available in various configurations.
As low as €699.00 was €890.00

The Mesis Perfect Waves pressure therapy device is intended for professional use, but also suitable for home use.

New for 2020 , without compromise and without false promises, in the panorama of body beauty equipment it is probably the most effective and verifiable treatment there is.

Perfect Waves was created to overcome the current technological limits, through the meticulous research of materials and thanks to the latest technologies in the electronic field, to present to the public a product of the highest quality.

Perfect Waves performs an aesthetic massage with increased effectiveness to reshape the silhouette , counteract cellulite , orange peel skin and water retention .

Only for women?

Being able to benefit from a highly relaxing and rejuvenating massage is a fantastic opportunity for men too ! After a day of work, take a moment dedicated to your psychophysical well-being and enjoy a pleasant massage!


Perfect Waves Pressomassage   uses the applicators with the new Sovrex © technology (Sovrex leggings and Sovrex cuff): the 4 independent air chambers inside the applicators, for example in the leggings, are partially overlapped, so the inflation phase of one chamber to the next it is fluid and uninterrupted, improving the comfort and effectiveness of the massage.

Gambali e bracciali Sovrex per la Perfect Waves Pressomassage

The leggings are equipped with a self-locking zipper, so even if not completely closed (for example in the case in which the legging is longer than the leg), it allows regular use.


Perfect Waves has 6 programs, including 4 single programs, and 2 combined programs.

1 sequence programs:

Program A
Moderate massage: pressure is exerted by only one chamber at a time, deflating the previous one. For example, it is as if the beautician closed both hands in a circle and, starting from the foot, exerted pressure up to the groin.

Perfect Waves programma sequenziale A

Program B
Intense massage: the chambers are filled with air one at a time, keeping the previous ones swollen until full inflation (for example in the leg, the whole leg will be under pressure), and then totally deflated and restart the cycle starting from the first chamber (from the foot in the case of the leg, from the hand in the case of the bracelet)

Perfect Waves programma sequenziale B Program C
Medium massage: pressure is exerted by 2 chambers at a time, deflating the previous 2, then deflating completely and resuming the cycle by inflating the first 2 chambers.

Perfect Waves programma sequenziale C Program D
Strong massage: the pressure is exerted by all the chambers together (for example in the leg, as if it were a single chamber by applying pressure on the whole leg), and then completely deflate. The cycle then resumes by simultaneously inflating the 4 chambers and so on.

Perfect Waves programma sequenziale D

Combined 2-sequence programs:

Combined program E
Balanced massage: the alternation of the “ moderate A ” program and the “ intense B ” program create a combination of optimal massaging pressure waves for a pleasant and effective application. From the beginning of the treatment, the two programs A + B + A + B will follow one another in a circular fashion ... and so on, always interspersed with a short pause to deflate the applicators.

Perfect Waves programma combinato E

Combined program F
Vigorous massage: the alternation of the “ medium C ” program and the “ strong D ” program create a combination of very intense massaging pressure waves for a shock application. From the beginning of the treatment, the two programs C + D + C + D… and so on will follow each other in a circular fashion, always interspersed with a short pause to deflate the applicators.

Perfect Waves programma combinato F


Perfect Waves selezione camere attive on/off

On the display you will find a design representing a legging. This indicates all the inflation chambers, numbered 1 to 4.

By simply swiping your finger on the circled number, you can easily activate or deactivate the rooms you want. Active cameras will be recognizable as the number will be illuminated.

For example, if you use 2 leggings, leaving only chambers 1 and 2 active, you will get a massage on both legs, but only for the stretch that includes the foot and calf.

(Important: if you are using the 2 leggings and the abdominal belt at the same time, keep in mind that the active or inactive chambers will also affect the inflation of the armband chambers.)


The remote control is supplied to be able to comfortably control the functions of the equipment, so during the treatment there is no need to move from the assumed relaxation position. With the remote control it is possible to act on the following functions:

  • on / off
  • program selection
  • pressure regulation
  • timer adjustment
  • free room selection function

The CR2032 battery of the remote control is not included, as it cannot be shipped due to the safety rules of our couriers.

However, the appliance can also be used without a remote control.

"Pro" equipment

Perfect Waves Pressomassage: in the “ Proconfiguration with 2 Sovrex © leggings, Slim Body Kit and Sovrex © arm it is possible to use 1 applicator or 2, 3 or 4 applicators at the same time, you can decide between 11 possible combinations .

Use the applicators you want most every day: you can choose the combination for your massage from those shown in this table.

Perfect Waves Pressomassage possible configurations to use band and arm leggings

"Complete" equipment

With the "Complete" set , it is possible to increase the equipment of Perfect Waves. An upgrade designed for beauty centers with which you can use 5 accessories at the same time , or the 2 bracelets.

Attention : when using 2 bracelets at the same time, the mobility of those who undergo the treatment is reduced, so the execution must take place in the presence of another person who knows how to supervise and remote control at hand.

Perfect Waves is very powerful and has been conceived and designed to comfortably manage 5 accessories with very slight pressure loss, in this regard it is advisable to use low and comfortable pressures: more pressure does not mean greater effectiveness! The combinations that are added thanks to the Complete equipment are shown below. So you will have the possibility to use the accessories in a total of 16 different combinations!


  • Aesthetic device for professional and domestic aesthetic use with Italian declaration of conformity
  • 6 programs
  • Pressure regulation 30 ~ 250mmHg ± 10%;
  • Adjustable treatment time 0 ~ 60 min.
  • Power supply: AC220V ~ AC240V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
  • Power 30 Watt
  • Dimensions 240X200X115mm
  • Appliance weight: 4.48kg | Package weight: 6.5kg
  • 24 months warranty (12 months for professional users)


It may vary by configuration:

  • Compressor
  • Sovrex © 4-chamber leggings
  • Sovrex © bracelet with 4 chambers
  • 4-chamber buttocks abdominal band
  • Slim Body Kit, abdominal buttocks band + single connector + splitter for the simultaneous use of the 2 leggings with the band
  • Single connector (for headband, cuff or cuff)
  • Splitter