PressoEstetica JoySense 3.0 (2 gambali)

PressoEstetica JoySense 3.0 (2 gambali)

PressoEstetica JoySense 3.0 (2 gambali) - Pressotherapy - Mesis

LIMITED OFFER! PORTABLE pressotherapy for AESTHETIC use, 3 programs, 2 leggings with 5 chambers, treatment timer, intensity adjustment.
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Your personal and tireless masseur!

Mesis Joysense 3.0 is the portable and compact pressure therapy, with 3 specific programs. JoySense 3.0 has been designed to assist slimming, counteract cellulite and “orange peel” skin, improve the silhouette, firm, tone and excite!

This version includes 2 5-chamber leggings.

I'd like a foot, calf, buttock and abdomen massage ... then I'd like it to start all over again . Prosthetics JoySense will do it for you!
Take your moment , a relaxing massage that takes care of your beauty , don't miss your favorite date!

JoySense atesthetics works!

It is not a concept, a philosophy or an idea: JoySense works!
It derives directly from professional aesthetic pressotherapy systems: aesthetic lymphatic drainage is a treatment that acts locally to counteract the imperfections of cellulite and water retention.

5 chamber applicators

The leggings, the abdominal / buttocks band and the Prosthetics JoySense 3.0 cuff have 5 chambers, thus favoring a linear and very fluid massage for unmatched effectiveness. Thanks to the 5 rooms JoySense performs a very "detailed" local massage by acting on specific areas of the body. Prosthetics JoySense is the beauty treatment that you can use in the privacy of your home, whenever you want!

Your best investment!

Buy JoySense with the equivalent of the cost of 19 massages from the beautician. Without making more appointments, moving by car and looking for a parking space: when you wish, directly in the privacy of your home, you can carry out JoySense beauty treatments and enjoy “Emotions of joy in all senses”!

Experiences and combinations of the programs are illustrated in the sheet drawn up by Dr. Bottega , supplied with pressoestetica JoySense:

  • Relaxation and pleasure of the senses
  • Energizing
  • Pleasure massage
  • Water retention
  • Cellulite
  • Slimming
  • Silhouette
  • Toning / Firming the arms


  • Aesthetic device with Italian declaration of conformity
  • 3 programs
  • Adjustable treatment time 0 ~ 15 ~ 25 ~ 30 min
  • Pressure regulation 60 ~ 310mmHg ± 5%
  • Power supply: AC220V ~ AC240V 50 / 60Hz
  • Dimensions 340X290X300mm
  • Weight: 1.8 Kg.
  • 24 months warranty (12 months for professional use)


  • JoySense equipment
  • 5-chamber leggings (length from under the foot to the upper edge 96 cm, maximum thigh circumference 70, maximum ankle circumference 42 cm). The leg is equipped with a self-locking zipper, so even if not completely closed (because it is used on shorter legs) it allows regular operation.
  • Double connector
  • Multilingual manual
  • Pressor insoles. The pressure insoles are special anatomical insoles which, when added to the inside of the leg, offer a better pressure boost from the sole of the foot towards the upper part of the legs.