RF Clinic Pro

RF Clinic Pro

RF Clinic Pro - Globus

Radio frequency device, 7 face programs, 13 skin and 10 programs for cellulite and firming, emission frequency from 470 KHz to 2 MHz, made in Italy.

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GLOBUS RF CLINIC PRO is an innovative device that generates radiofrequency waves for aesthetic applications, against the aging of the skin both of the face and of the whole body, thanks to the new handpiece it is also able to do the treatment of cellulite and programs of firming.

Globus RF Clinic PRO also promotes vascularization and regeneration of skin tissue, eliminating the imperfections caused by exposure to sunlight and skin aging.


A great deal of scientific research has shown that RADIOFREQUENCY stimulates circulation and cellular metabolism by producing wrinkle attenuation and skin leveling recovery of skin elasticity (skin elastosis and skin laxity). Thanks to GLOBUS Technology, which allows you to control all impulse parameters (stimulus freq. From 470 KHz to 2 MHz, duration and power), it is possible to modulate the energy on the area to be treated in order to obtain maximum effectiveness both in surface applications and in deep treatments.


Radiofrequency (RF) produces energy, perceived as heat, which stimulates the metabolism of the treated tissues. Indeed, the RF radiofrequency flow, passing through the skin, produces the temperature increase of the underlying tissues and, in particular, of the supporting structures, elastin and collagen fibers, which determine elasticity and compactness. The heat energy activates the fibroblasts, stimulating them to produce new collagen with consequent tissue regeneration (collagenesis). The dermis is thus more toned and the skin more taut.


  • 7 FACE programs : Face wrinkles, Eye wrinkles, Face Acne, Face Micro-Lifting, Couperose, Facial Boils, Anti Age.
  • 13 SKIN programs : Skin Acne, Body Wrinkles, Sensitive Skin Wrinkles, Decolleté Micro-Lifting, Stretch Marks, Skin Elasticity, Bio-Skin Collagen, Scars, Body Boils, Skin Restructure, Skin smoothing, Firming, Massage.
  • 10 CELLULITE programs : Lipolysis, Cellulite, Edematous Cellulite, Fibrous Cellulite, Culotte de cheval, Orange Peel Cellulite, Male Abdomen Adiposity, Male Hips Adiposity, Male Lower Limbs Fat, Male Upper Limbs Adiposity


  • Display Size visible area 2.6 "
    Outputs 1
    Handpiece - 1 handpiece Ø mm 50 - 1 RF Clinic 100 handpiece
    Power 200W (50Ω)
    Frequency deliverable from 470KHz to 2MHz
    Resistive treatment modality
    Power supply - Network - Rechargeable battery (not included)
    Dimensions 170x220x60 mm
    Weight gr 870


  • 1 carrying case
  • 1 RF CLINIC PRO radio frequency unit
  • 1 RF Clinic 500 handpiece
  • 1 RF Clinic 100 handpiece
  • 1 pack of 50 ml of conductive face cream with hyaluronic acid
  • 1 pack of 50 ml of conductive lymphatic drainage cream with escin, fucus and caffeine
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Operating manual