Tekra Terapix CT

Tekra Terapix CT

Tekra Terapix CT - Tecartherapy - New Age

Professional Tecartherapy Device. 35 preset programs, 300W power, 250KHz working frequency.

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TEKRA TERAPIX CT represents an absolute novelty in the world of physiotherapy. This device allows you to bring the renowned deep capacitive diathermy into everyone's homes in complete safety. The device is equipped with a metal reference plate and a set of capacitive electrodes of various sizes for the therapy of the parts of the body .

Tekra Terapix CT applies, in the treated area, the principle of the condenser, through which it is possible to stimulate tissues , with lower density such as muscles and tendons, from the inside producing an increase in the endogenous temperature through the recall of ions. This mechanism creates a strong stimulation at the cellular level , increases the internal temperature and reactivates the circulation, quickly triggering the body's natural reparative processes.

Tekra Terapix CT generates a marked thermal effect with considerable vasodilation: there is a notable biostimulating and draining effect both at the circulatory and lymphatic level. It improves the skin appearance and the vascularization of the tissues , restores the electrical potential of the cell membrane (from 0.30 to 0.65 mV).

It generates an intra and extracellular ionic rebalancing, accelerates the tissue repair process in cases of psoriasis, acne, acne scars, rosacea, cooperose, burns, stretch marks, eczema.
With a vasodilating and stimulating action of the local circulation, it acts with significant improvements on cellulite ; inner knee, abdominal, buttocks, hips; on the relaxation of the face and the flaccidity of the breast.

The Tekra Terapix CT in addition to the ability to freely adjust the power and time is equipped with preset programs for the treatment of the most common pathologies in order to make it easier to approach this type of therapy. Power supply 110 / 230V - 50/60 Hz. The CT device has 35 preset programs; power output: 300W, Working frequency: 250KHz.


  • Power supply: 230V - 50 / 60Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Number of output channels: 1 capacitive
  • Working frequency: 250KHz capacitive
  • Video: 4.3 ”color display with touch screen


  • Apacitive handpiece
  • Set of capacitive electrodes in vitrified nylon 20,40,50,60,80 mm
  • 1 Reference plate in stainless steel
  • TEKRA cream
  • power supply
  • User manual