Tekra Terapix RT

Tekra Terapix RT

Tekra Terapix RT - Tecartherapy - New Age

Professional Tecartherapy. 36 preset programs, 300W power, 500KHz working frequency.

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TEKRA TERAPIX RT is an innovative product in the world of physiotherapy.

Tekra Terapix RT applies, in the treated area, the principle of resistance, through which it is possible to stimulate the tissues, at a higher density, from the inside, producing an increase in the endogenous temperature through the recall of ions.
This mechanism creates a strong stimulation at the cellular level, increases the internal temperature and reactivates the circulation, quickly triggering the body's natural reparative processes.

Tekra Terapix RT allows you to soothe the pain caused by traumatic events or inflammatory problems; it exerts a pain-relieving and curative action , capable of halving the healing times that would serve the body in normal conditions, is able to treat all disorders of muscular, tendon and joint origin; it also allows you to treat pathologies such as osteoarthritis .

The Tekra Terapix RT, in addition to the possibility of freely regulating the power and time, is equipped with preset programs for the treatment of the most common pathologies in order to make the approach to this type of therapy easier and more familiar.

The RT device has 36 preset programs; power output: 300W, working frequency: 500kHz. Power supply 110 / 230V - 50/60 Hz.


  • Power supply: 230V - 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Number of output channels: 1 resistive
  • Working frequency: 500KHz resistive
  • Video: 4.3 ”color display with touch screen


  • Resistive handpiece
  • Resistive electrode set in stainless steel 40,60,80 mm
  • 1 Reference plate in stainless steel
  • TEKRA cream
  • power supply
  • User manual