Tenortho Tutore Gomitiera Emotion II

Emotion II

Emotion II - Elbow pad - Tenortho

Telescopic elbow brace with flexion-extension adjustment, adjustable Velcro straps, padding in C6Tex fabric. Universal size, available for right and left arm.

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Tenortho Emotion II is a telescopic elbow brace designed to ensure maximum control of the elbow joint. Thanks to the structure characterized by adjustable aluminum shells and rods
in flexion-extension, this elbow pad guarantees complete control of the joint. The brace adapts perfectly to the anatomy. It also comes with additional elements: a hand support that allows prono-supination and a fabric band, very useful for supporting the arm.


  • Structure in light alloy and 'skeletal'
  • Mouldable aluminum support valves (humerus and forearm)
  • Padding in C6TEX fabric
  • Articulated aluminum rod (adjustable)
  • Flexion-extension adjustment in 10° steps (EXT 0°-90° and FLEX 0°-120°)
  • Adjustable velcro closure straps
  • Hand support for prono-supination (adjustable or removable)
  • Support strap
  • Telescopic


It is a thin, flexible, versatile and extremely resistant thread, which designs the future, but which draws strength from its past and continuous research.
Carbon is the "common thread" of this support capable of guaranteeing an excellent structure despite the maximum lightness.
Woven inside the fabric, the carbon gives monoelasticity, thus making the fabric elastic in one direction and supported in the other, thus favoring both an excellent fit and support for the spine.


  • Postoperative
  • fe movement control
  • Pronosupination control
  • Conservative treatments
  • Post-plaster removal