tenortho ginocchiera Genu 4

Genu 4

Genu 4 - Kneepad - Tenortho

Functional 4-point knee brace, polycentric joint to adjust flexion-extension, breathable and light C6tex padding. Available in 6 sizes, for right and left leg.

This product is no longer available

The Tenortho Genu 4 knee brace is functional, light and highly performing, made of aluminum to adapt perfectly to the knee.
Thanks to the innovative frame, characterized by rigid opposing grips (thigh and calf), the knee brace guarantees excellent grip and total support. The velvet straps are adjustable and ensure comfort and support. The padding in C6Tex, breathable and light, provides the patient with an antibacterial, thermoregulatory, high-performance and antistatic product.
The Genu 4 knee brace also consists of a polycentric joint and a kit of pins useful for adjusting the flexion-extension.


  • Extremely light, anatomically shaped aluminum frame
  • Patented polycentric joint provides the possibility of double limitation in relation to the angular movement of flexion (0°-15°-30°-45°-60°-75°-90°) and extension (15°-30°-45°) as well as immobilization at 0°-15°-30°-45°
  • The stabilizing straps ensure proper positioning and efficient functioning of the orthosis
  • The padding made of C6Tex fabric guarantees breathability and comfort
  • It has interchangeable trim elements available in its kit
  • Height: 35cm


It is a thin, flexible, versatile and extremely resistant thread, which designs the future, but which draws strength from its past and continuous research.
Carbon is the "common thread" of this support capable of guaranteeing an excellent structure despite the maximum lightness.
Woven inside the fabric, the carbon gives monoelasticity, thus making the fabric elastic in one direction and supported in the other, thus favoring both an excellent fit and support for the spine.


  • Reduced post-traumatic ability to stabilize knee muscles and ligaments
  • Post-operative treatment of ligament reconstruction of the knee
  • Post traumatic stage of the knee joint
  • Weakening of the quadriceps
  • Resuming sport after an injury


Thigh circumference

  • XS: 33/39cm
  • Small: 39/47cm
  • M: 47/53cm
  • L: 53/60cm
  • XL: 59/67cm
  • XXL: 67/75cm

Knee circumference

  • XS: 30/33cm
  • Small: 33/36cm
  • M: 36/39cm
  • L: 39/43cm
  • XL: 43/48cm
  • XXL: 48/53cm

Calf circumference

  • XS: 25/30cm
  • Small: 30/35cm
  • M: 35/40cm
  • L: 40/47cm
  • XL: 47/50cm
  • XXL: 50/55cm
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