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Hip Hop

Hip Hop - Hip orthosis - Tenortho

Hip orthosis with height, flexion-extension and abduction-adduction adjustment. Universal and ambidextrous.

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Tenrotho Hip Hop is a hip brace made up of pelvis and thigh supports, made of resistant plastic material in order to guarantee excellent support for the joint. The pelvis socket, thigh socket and multifunctional joint of the brace work in synergy to prevent and treat any complications. The padding, made in C6Tex, increases comfort and reduces perspiration.
The hip brace is adaptable to any anatomical conformation, is ambidextrous, universal and easy to apply.


  • SET 1: Velor straps adjustable through dovetail terminals for correct adjustment of the thigh and pelvis circumference
  • SET 2: Padding in C6tex, breathable, bacteriostatic, performing and antibacterial
  • SET 3: Adjustable flexion-extension, abduction/adduction and height articulated rod. Plastic valves with anatomical conformation: two pelvis sockets and one thigh socket.


It is a thin, flexible, versatile and extremely resistant thread, which designs the future, but which draws strength from its past and continuous research.
Carbon is the "common thread" of this support capable of guaranteeing an excellent structure despite the maximum lightness.
Woven inside the fabric, the carbon gives it mono-elasticity, thus making the fabric elastic in one direction and supported in the other, thus favoring both an excellent fit and support for the spine.


  • Postoperative
  • Hip revision following surgery
  • Inoperable or unconsolidated femoral neck fractures
  • Indicated for joint problems, where it is necessary to control abduction and fesso-extension