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The professional who purchases and uses equipment for professional purposes is directly responsible legally and criminally.

In particular, please note that the professional use of equipment by beauticians is regulated by the Ministerial Decree Law 1/90.

Therefore, before purchasing, we invite you to read the Decree and the technical data sheets of the permitted equipment contained therein. Download the Ministerial Decree in force .

Contraindications and precautions for use

Before using any product, carefully read the supplied manual, paying particular attention to contraindications and warnings if any.

If in the description page of the product, the contraindications are not indicated (by mistake or by forgetfulness), please let us know by email writing to in order to be able to promptly provide, where they exist.

Also by email ( or by phone at 0774 1925266, in case of doubts or further information, it is possible to request a copy of the relative manual for the detailed consultation of the contraindications and any precautions for use reported by the manufacturer supplier.

The above is intended to protect the consumer and in compliance with current legislation.

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