Laserlift BotAction - Kit 12 fiale + maschera

Laserlift BotAction - Kit 12 fiale + maschera

Laserlift BotAction - Kit 12 fiale + maschera -

Intensive facial treatment with active stem cells. 12 ultra-intensive anti-aging and anti-wrinkle dual action vials and mask to facilitate the application and delivery of the active ingredients.

Generalmente spedito in 11-20 giorni

Ultra-intensive anti-aging treatment with active plant stem cells and the exclusive Octapeptide formulation.

The whole LaserLift line was created to integrate the treatment with the {extra} iLift {/ extra} device, which, using the action of ions, micro massage and infrared, thanks to its 4 phases (cleaning, massage, nourishment, lifting), reduces and prevents the formation of wrinkles , giving tone and brightness to your skin in just 15 minutes a day.

The laserLift line integrates the iFace Kit, with special non-woven masks that simplify and homogenize the distribution of the product, facilitating its absorption.

The new LaserLift ampoule treatment line is ideal for all skin types.


IStam vials contain active plant stems of Malus Domestica, to renew the cell structure.
The botAction Lift laser vials concentrate the excellent anti-aging Octapeptide that reduces the concentration of facial mimic muscles with botAction effect and various natural extracts combined together in exclusive formulations to meet the demands of different skin types.


  • 12 Ultraintensive Antiaging vials
  • Mask