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Formuclear Skin Tag Patch

Formuclear Skin Tag Patch

Formuclear Skin Tag Patch - Patches eliminates leeks and warts - ISL


Medicated patches to remove leeks and warts easily and painlessly. The most convenient solution to cleanse your skin of unsightly growths.

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Formuclear Skin Tag Patch is the easiest way to remove leeks and warts!

It is painless , fast , and removes unsightly growths from the skin permanently .

How does it work?

The secret lies in the dermatologically tested formula based on Salicylic Acid. Use a keratolytic action to remove the leek or wart in layers until it disappears completely.

Simply apply the patch to the desired area, covering the wart or leek. After a few weeks, the skin growth will completely disappear. Your skin will be perfectly smooth again, without any marks or scars!


  • Patch material: PE-EVA
  • Dressing Formula: Salicylic Acid 35% - 40%

The box contains 30 patches with 35-40% Salicylic Acid formula of which:

  • 12 large patches (19mm diameter)
  • 18 small patches (12mm diameter)

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