Wellbox S + Gift

Wellbox S + Gift

Wellbox S + Gift - Endermatology - Lpg

Wellbox S is the TOP for fighting wrinkles, cellulite, localized fat and sagging skin. New body and face applications, 2 times more effective than the old model: Only 6 minutes a day!

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Special Price €939.00 was €1,299.00
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Gift Lpg Cosmetics Box worth €204!

The cosmetic box contains

  • Eye contour Total Eye Care
  • the Radiance serum
  • the hair band
  • the beauty bag
  • 7 make-up remover pads

Wellbox S LPG is the anti-aging and anti-cellulite device par excellence, a sales record!

Wellbox S uses cellular stimulation technology (endermologie), a non-invasive technique whose effectiveness on the signs of aging and fat cells has been scientifically proven.

The new model comes with a new, more refined design:

  • external medallion in chromed steel
  • control panel in white glass

Wellbox S is also equipped with a more powerful engine that ensures performance 2 times better than the old model:

  • SPS+ technology: Sequentiality Power
  • Stimulation: 0/4/8/16Hz

The number of programs has also been increased to meet both male and female needs:

  • Face Protocols: 12
  • Body Protocols: 14
  • Specific protocols for men: 15

Wellbox S is very easy to use , it has new specific programs that are faster and more effective, so you can become part of your daily beauty routine: only 6 minutes! Ideal for those who have little time available, but do not want to give up taking care of their well-being.

What does Wellbox S offer more than the previous version?

  • More programs: 12 face, 14 body, 15 man
  • SPS + Technology 2 times more powerful sequential stimulation
  • Stimulation power 0/4/8/16Hz
  • Time: only 6 minutes per program

Based on the patented and professional LPG techniques , Wellbox S brings endermology to the intimacy of your home and allows you to fight wrinkles, cellulite and skin relaxation in just 6 minutes a day.

The LPG technique, 100% natural, uses the principle of cellular stimulation , thanks to the exclusive and patented heads for the treatment.

This technique, called endermologie®, gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity , without pain and without invasive interventions.

Every day, more than 200,000 people benefit from this professional technique , regaining a younger smile, a less weighted look and a healthier body.

proven effectiveness
  • 76.4% of women found that the wrinkles around the mouth have reduced
  • 71% notice firmer and more elastic skin
  • Cellulite reduction up to -20%
  • Reduction of the circumference of the thighs up to -3.5 cm

* Survey conducted by Clinical Research Laboratories; scientific studies by the American Cellulite Task Force Laboratory


The LPG Endermologie massage is based on the action of motorized rollers and controlled aspiration , which allows for the modeling of subcutaneous fats. The result is a toning of the skin, resulting in fewer centimeters.

Wellbox S is the new generation of Wellbox, equipped with SPS + technology that allows 2 times more powerful action thanks to the new, more performing suction sequence.

Wellbox S makes use of this massage which acts on the connective tissue, frees the trapped fats, even the most resistant and therefore reduces cellulite. Results: the line is refined and the body is toned.

Wellbox S used on the face, naturally stimulates the production of collagen , thus obtaining a lifting effect and reducing wrinkles and signs of aging.

The micro-aspirations of the different heads of Wellbox S create a tissue movement that gently stimulates the skin.

Equipped with the new 16hz aspiration (16 aspirations per second), Wellbox S allows the strengthening of the skin structure and the remodeling of the oval of the face and of the body silhouette.

  • Lipomassage : is a massage that mechanically activates lipolysis through heads equipped with rollers that lift, roll and unroll the tissues , eliminating localized fat deposits resistant to diets and sports and reactivating micro-circulation, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • Liftmassage : is a massage that mechanically activates the production of collagen and elastin through equipped heads with fins that transmit micro-beats to the skin that stimulate the fibroblasts (the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin), thus restoring skin elasticity, making firmer skin and visibly reducing wrinkles.


For every skin problem, Wellbox S has a natural, quick and effective answer.

To better adapt to your lifestyle, the new 12 Wellbox S face routines have been designed to become your daily beauty ritual. The routines consist of massage with the lift heads associated with cosmetics developed by LPG experts. This synergy will allow you to obtain a more beautiful and compact skin in just 6 minutes a day.


Wellbox S Liftmassage stimulates fibroblasts by activating the production of collagen and elastin and giving:

  • Visibly younger skin
  • Redensified face, neck and décolleté skin.
  • Brighter build
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • firm contours


Wellbox S has more than 14 new body programs designed entirely by LPG experts to facilitate regular use of the device by combining the application of endermologie cosmetics.

Mechanical stimulation makes the skin more receptive to the active ingredients of anti-cellulite and slimming creams.



The Lipomassage of the Wellbox S ROLL heads frees localized adipose accumulations resistant to diets and physical exercise. Through its direct action on adipocytes (the cells responsible for the accumulation of fats), cellular stimulation mechanically activates lipolysis by donating:

  • Remodeled body
  • Smooth cellulite
  • Firm tissues
  • Thin silhouette


Wellbox ® you can say goodbye to aggressive treatments and enter the age of cellular stimulation!  

Wellbox S is equipped with five interchangeable treatment heads for face and body, designed for all skin types, regardless of sensitivity level.

roll (1)  

Width of the rollers: 15mm.

This is the smallest treatment head, developed starting from the mechanical Roll technology. Using a targeted application that acts in depth, the rollers gently intervene on the tissues to drain, reshape and relax every skin surface. This head is ideal for treating small areas such as hands, knees, ankles, soles of the feet and some areas of the face.


rolls (2)

Width of the rollers: 30mm.

Developed from the mechanical Roll technology, this is the intermediate treatment head. Consult the user manual to find the program and settings (sequential or continuous) best suited to your goals. This head was created for medium-sized surfaces, such as arms, forearms and calves.



Width of the rollers: 45mm.

This is the largest treatment head and is based directly on the professional Roll technology (independent motorized rollers). Pressing the activation button once starts a forward rotation, pressing the button again reverses the direction of the rollers. The rollers gently grip the area to be treated and stimulate, drain and soften the tissues. This head is ideal for large areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and back.


LIFT [1]  

Developed from professional LPG technology, the head gently lifts the skin while the fins move gently, acting deeply to stimulate fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin). The skin structure becomes visibly more compact, smooth, toned and firmed.
The LIFT 1 treatment head is particularly suitable for the most delicate areas of the face and body, such as eyes, mouth, etc.



LIFT [2]  

Developed from LPG professional filtered massage technology. The fins transmit constant micro-beats that stimulate the fibroblasts (the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin) in every millimeter of treated skin. This action really restructures the skin, restoring its density and fullness. Wellbox ® LIFT treatment heads mechanically activate collagen.

The LIFT 2 treatment head is particularly suitable for the face, neck and décolleté.


  • Number of applicators for the treatment: 5 (3 for lipomassage and 2 for liftmassage)
  • Programs: 12 face, 14 body, 15 man
  • Frequency: 0/4/8/16Hz
  • Power supply: 230 / 100V - 50 / 60Hz
  • Compliant: CE regulations


Download the instruction manual, videos and application guides.


  • Wellbox S
  • One main power cable (input voltage 100-240VAC / 60Hz and output voltage 24VDC)
  • A connecting hose for the heads
  • power supplies
  • Two tools to disassemble the Lift heads
  • A pack of 10 replacement filters
  • A pack of wipes soaked in a bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal solution