MyBP - Bluetooth pressure measurement - Laser2

Professional precision sphygmomanometer, with bluetooth connectivity, suitable for the whole family. It connects to the App and allows you to save and export all measurements. Built-in rechargeable battery, the charge allows 1000 measurements and lasts up to one year. Ability to set up multiple users, to track the pressure of various people.
Available: shipped in 24H

Your blood pressure monitored with a pocket device.

MyBP-BT is a portable and professional device for measuring blood pressure.

Using it is very easy : put on the cuff, activate it manually, follow the visual guide to complete the measurement and the device will transfer the blood pressure data to your smartphone via bluetooth.

MyBP-BT is a next generation BP monitor designed for the whole family to check blood pressure levels anytime, anywhere. Find out what it is capable of:

  • Accurate Measurements: FDA approved, meets European standards

  • Support multiple users , to save multiple data log cards

  • Portable and durable: only 160 grams in total, lighter than iPhone X. Main unit designed with metal shell , making it ergonomic and durable

  • Data Analysis : Blood pressure analysis and trends with simple graphs and diagrams.

  • Night Monitoring: with preforming BP cuff, easier and more comfortable to use. Suitable for all arm sizes.

  • Professional data: systolic, diastolic and heart rate pressure

  • Integration with Apple Health: The AirBP ™ app works with Apple Health for easy management.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery : one charge lasts 1000 measurements .

Everything you need in one APP
  • Long-term blood pressure trend.

  • It supports multi-user management and the memory is unlimited - it's a smart BP monitor for the whole family .

  • Measure blood pressure + heart rate + mean arterial pressure + pulse pressure.

  • Record notes about your well-being or activity with each measurement.

  • Real-time virtual mercury bar and pulse pulse waveform.

  • Pictures, graphics and audio guide, to help you during the measurement. It is very easy to use.

Track your blood pressure anytime, anywhere with MyBP-BT

Once MyBP-BT is fully charged, 1000 measurements can be made.

A charge can last a year!

It's super easy to use:

  • Sit back and relax.

  • Place cuff around upper arm, run AirBP ™ App to connect with BP monitor.

  • Follow the guide in the App and inflate the cuff.

  • Wait for the measurements to be taken.

  • Save reports and export them: you can share them immediately with whoever you want.


  • FREQUENCY RANGE: from 30 to 250 bpm



  • COMPATIBLE WITH: iOS 9.0 or later; iPhone 4s / iPad 3 or later; Android 5.0 or later with Bluetooth 4.0

  • TECHNLOGY: oscillometric method


  • ACCURACY ± 3 mmHg

  • BATTERY: built-in rechargeable, DC 5V, average life of 1000 measurements

  • WEIGHT 160 g

  • DEVICE SIZE 68 * 25mm


  • CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0

  • MEASURED PARAMETERS: diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure.