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Professional diathermy device, possibility to work with 400 different frequencies, adjustable frequency for a more pleasant treatment and to treat in athermia, 50 preset programs + 10 free, Custom mode, color display, power 200W, frequency 300-700kHz, modulation up to 100Hz.
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Your new ally for diathermy.

Reatherm is the latest capacitive-resistive diathermy model from I-Tech Medical Division.

Designed for professionals, the mission of this device is to provide the best possible diathermy experience, both for the patient and for the professional, thanks to the high technological performance of the device, and to the technological innovation in the field of Tecar therapy.

Reatherm is designed in collaboration with Esmeralda Banacloy  Martínez and Francisco Luís Barrios, two famous Spanish physiotherapists with great experience in the field of rehabilitation, especially with diathermy.

This collaboration with industry professionals has allowed I-Tech to develop unique features for this device :

  • Possibility of working with 400 different frequencies , thus adapting the depth of action to the individual therapeutic needs (selectable frequency range 300 ÷ 700 KHz).

  • Frequency modulation in Custom mode: modulation represents a huge advantage because it allows the patient to have a more pleasant treatment sensation and facilitates treatment in fundamental athermia in acute pathologies.

When to use Reatherm?

There are numerous applications for pathologies affecting the muscular, articular, nervous, bone, myofascial and skin systems. The most common treated are:

  • Chondropathy
  • Muscle contracture
  • Edema
  • Meniscopathy
  • Tendinitis
  • Ulcer
  • Lumbosciatalgia
  • Lymphedema
  • Slipped disc
  • Tendon injury
  • Arthroplasty
How does diathermy work?

Reatherm is a highly technological medical device for capacitive and resistive diathermy.

Diathermy (also known as Tecarterapia , acronym for Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer) is a therapy that stimulates the body's natural repair processes, shortening the patient's motor recovery times.

Reatherm, through the interaction between electromagnetic energy and tissue , produces an increase in temperature that occurs inside the tissues in a uniform and controlled manner. This electro-magnetic interaction gives rise to the appearance of an ionic flow with a microhyperemia that favors the release of endogenous "substances" (especially cortisol and endorphins) which are used to reduce pain, edema and inflammation.

Therapy with Reatherm is able to exert a pain-relieving and biostimulating action , thus accelerating the natural reparative and anti-inflammatory action that the body would implement in a longer time.

The mechanism of action is very easy: to develop energy from within the organism (endogenous energy).

The development of endogenous energy at the level of biological tissues is produced by the alternating movement of attraction and repulsion of the electrical charges which, in the form of electrolytes, are the essential constituents of every biological substrate.

Reatherm therefore allows to reconcile a therapeutic action in depth without contraindications such as overheating of the surface or the dispersion of energy in the first layers of the biological tissue.


  • Color display
  • 35 REHAB programs
  • 5 BEAUTY programs
  • 10 SPORT programs
  • CUSTOM mode
  • 10 Free Memories
  • Power 200 W, frequency 300 ÷ 700 kHz, modulation up to 100 Hz.


  • Resistive handpiece
  • Capacitive handpiece
  • Capacitive electrodes 60 mm and 35 mm Ø
  • Resistive electrodes 60 mm and 35 mm Ø
  • Bipolar handpiece with electrode 50 mm Ø
  • Return plate
  • Cream packaging