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Did you find the same product on another site at a lower price? NO PROBLEM.

We want to guarantee our customers the best convenience ever, so we are committed to applying you the best price on thousands of products.


Very simple: If you have found the same item at a lower price on another e-commerce site, you can send us a report by clicking the link (if present) and filling out the appropriate form on the relative description page.

NB the Best Price Guarantee is active on all products where it is possible to fill in the request.

After our verification, we will charge you a lower price!

The comparison is subject to the following conditions:

  • The item must be: of the same model and new, of the same brand, same version and with the same equipment, actually available and ready for delivery.
  • It must be offered at better conditions than those offered on Wellstore.it, taking into account the cost of shipping, collection discount, any gifts, etc.
  • The price must be clearly displayed and visible.
  • Items subject to special offers, expiring promotions, private outlets, confidential negotiations and online auctions are excluded.
  • The competing site must be based in Italy .
  • Items sold in traditional shops (eg hypermarkets, supermarkets, retail / wholesale shops, etc) are excluded.