Tripolar anti-aging and anti-wrinkle radiofrequency for face. Facial rejuvenation, smoother skin. Stop the time! Supplied Preparation Gel STOP ™.

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STOP ™ is the new radiofrequency anti-wrinkle device for the face, which, based on the most innovative technologies, works painlessly and effectively on the signs left by time on the face.
An elegant, absolutely innovative anti-wrinkle device, which in a few weeks can restore tone to the skin of the face, significantly reducing wrinkles, restoring brightness and redefining the contours of the face.

Clinical tests show that the radiofrequency STOP ™ anti-wrinkle device is absolutely effective. In a few weeks the results are visible and lasting over time.

The results

  • 86% of clinical study participants said their skin looked younger and more radiant
  • 86% of clinical study participants noted immediate results and reported skin became firmer and / or tighter
  • 86% of clinical study participants noted overall skin improvement
  • 71% said friends and family noticed the improvement and complimented them
  • 100% of clinical study participants said they would buy it and / or recommend buying it

STOP ™ is accessible to everyone and can be used comfortably at home: it is simple to use and the results are visible from the first weeks of treatment.

Why choose STOP?

 The face retains the signs of emotions, smiles, anger and these signs become more and more profound as time goes by. The loss of tone, the dull complexion, the formation of deep wrinkles represent the sign that our face is aging.

 Years of research have led to numerous solutions to the problem of skin aging: creams and lotions are enriched with new elements, cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more frequent.
But at what price? With what results? How many sacrifices?
These are the questions that men and women ask themselves every day when the mirror reveals that time is leaving deeper and deeper marks on the face.

Here is the ultimate solution: STOP ™! a device for the skin renewal of the face, which is based on the most modern technologies , used in the most important centers of aesthetic medicine, and which has gained the attention of the world press for its incredible effectiveness.
STOP ™ is an anti-wrinkle device that uses TRIPOLLAR ™ technology, ie combined energies that in contact with the skin of the face stimulate the production of collagen and elastin with a few treatments.
With STOP ™ Face you will already get after the first weeks:

  • reduction of age wrinkles
  • reduction of expression lines
  • redefinition of the contours of the face more elastic and luminous skin


  • STOP ™ device in black color
  • Power cord
  • STOP ™ electric adapter
  • Preparation Gel STOP ™
  • User manual