iLift Kit + Siero

iLift Face Kit + Siero

iLift Face Kit + Siero -

An exclusive and effective anti-wrinkle Lifting device that combines the action of ions and infrared rays with a micro-massage and the action of high quality active ingredients for a more luminous, transparent and toned skin.

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iLift Face Kit and the Laser Lift botAction cosmetic line are the concentrate of the highest and newest technologies in the world of aesthetics.

Thanks to its specific programs, iLift combines the action of ions, infrared and micro-massage with the active ingredients of the exclusive laserlift botAction formulation , making the skin more luminous, transparent and toned.

15 minutes a day of iLift , in the comfort of your home, is enough to reduce or prevent the formation of wrinkles , restoring elasticity and tone to the skin.

iLift - The technology

  • The property of ions : the beneficial energy of ions attacks the bacteria in the skin and at the same time strengthens the cellular resistance capacity.
  • Infrared rays : improve the circulation of blood vessels and accelerate the metabolism of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
  • The micro-massage: strengthens the elasticity of the skin making it more toned and young.

iLift - The treatment

Cleansing, massage, nourishment, lifting (normal, dry, oily, sensitive, aged skin).

Ilift Face Kit is indicated to solve the problems of dry, oily and wrinkled skin.

We recommend an ilift treatment every day for normal, dry and aged skin; every 3/4 days for oily or sensitive skin. For very sensitive skin use once a week. It is advisable to use ilift in all phases with circular movements without dwelling on the eye contour area. After a month of treatment it is recommended to use it once or twice a week.


  • ION emitter and MICRO-MASSAGE. The special steel head emits negative and positive ions capable of attacking bacteria and free radicals and performs a micro massage with vibrations that favor tissue tension, restoring elasticity to the skin.
  • INFRARED RAYS. Infrared rays increase the temperature by improving the circulation of blood vessels, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
  • IONS FUNCTION SENSOR. The simple touch of your hand, thanks to the two side sensors, activates and allows the regular emission of ions.
  • MULTIFUNCTION BUTTON. It allows switching on and off, the selection of age, power and treatment phases in a simple and intuitive way.

iLift - the search

  • Phase 1 deeply cleanses the pores of the skin by removing impurities, keeps the pH unchanged and improves the quality of oily or acne-prone skin. (Negative Ions, Infrared and Micromassage)
  • Phase 2 makes the skin more elastic, toning it and prepares it for phase 3. (Negative, positive, Infrared and Micromassage Ions)
  • Phase 3 penetrates the active substances of the laserlift botAction serum, stabilizing the skin's biological structure, increasing its elasticity and tone thanks to the Rosehip Glycolic Extract, Glycoproteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Soy Proteins. (Positive Ions, Infrared and Micromassage)
  • Phase 4 reduces the tension of the facial mimic muscles thanks to the action of a new Acetylated Hexapeptide in a similar way to botulinum toxin.
    (Positive, negative and infrared ions)

iLift- The results

These activities have been verified with both in vitro and in vivo tests, confirming the effectiveness of ilift and the laserliftbotAction line in reducing and preventing expression lines and restoring elasticity and tone to the skin.

All the products in the line are accompanied by the Cosmetic Dossier in which the efficacy, tolerability and safety tests are provided.


The active ingredients of laserlift botAaction that deserve particular attention are:

  • The new Acetylated Hexapeptide
  • Glycolic Extract of Rosa Canina
  • Horsetail Glycolic Extract:
  • Soy Protein:
  • Hyaluronic acid

LaserliftbotAction turns out to be an original formulation with innovative active ingredients, for the first time associated together, in an anti-aging treatment capable of providing a synergistic action on the causes that determine the formation of wrinkles. All the products in the line are accompanied by the Cosmetic Dossier in which the efficacy, tolerability and safety tests are provided.


  • ILift Face device
  • 30 ml bottle of Laserfit BotAction intensive serum
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • User manual


Skin aging
Skin aging is a biological phenomenon due to age.
External factors, mainly represented by free radicals, and the structural modifications of the skin can accelerate it, causing the thickening of the collagen fibers (from the age of twenty) and of the elastic ones. The metabolism of synthesis and degradation of collagen fibers slows down, while soluble collagen increases.
The fundamental substance seems to decrease: glucosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid decrease and a slowing down of the metabolism of polysaccharides occurs.
As the skin ages, sebaceous and sweat secretions decrease leading, consequently, to dehydration. The production of melanin is also reduced, predisposing the skin to the formation of discoloration. The healing process slows down. The complexion takes on a grayish tint.

Wrinkle formation
The formation of wrinkles is the most characteristic sign of skin aging; it is closely related to the complex series of structural modifications of the skin tissue which, over the course of life, lead to a decrease in the functions of support and elasticity.
Only recently has great importance also been attributed to the mechanicogravitational sector resulting from the activity of facial mimic muscles.
Their contraction in fact determines the expression of the face, underlines the emotional states and is reflected on the skin with the formation of 'expression lines'.
It is evident that as long as the skin elasticity is such as to offer resistance, muscle tension spontaneously reduces, while with the decrease in elasticity, the persistence of these contractile stimuli leads to the onset of 'microspasms' in the muscles. mimics, which over time tend to become chronic, inexorably increasing the evidence of wrinkles.

The main factors that determine the onset of wrinkles:

  • Variation of the structural component of the epidermis (elastin, collagen, mucopolysaccharides);
  • Permanent tension of the facial mimic muscles;
  • Decrease in the defensive capabilities of the skin, especially from free radicals.