MP4 Multiscan

MP4 Multiscan

MP4 Multiscan

Exclusive expansion accessory for ultrasound treatments. It is used to distribute the ultrasounds of the main equipment on 4 double-headed diffusers. 1 and 3 Mhz. Compatible with Wellsonic, Excell, Sonimed, Bisonic and other Miapharma models.

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MP4 Multiscan is a revolutionary accessory that expands the ultrasound treatment devices produced by N&T System and MiaPharma and allows to distribute the ultrasounds coming from the main apparatus towards the four double head diffusers.

In total comfort it will be possible to perform utrasound treatments for both aesthetic and medical purposes (1 - 3 MhZ), simply by positioning the diffusers on the parts to be treated (thanks to the elastic bands supplied), and activate the desired program. It will be like having 8 heads that irradiate at the same time, allowing you to operate on larger surfaces and in the shortest time.

MP4 Multiscan Ultrasuoni is managed by a microprocessor, receives the ultrasonic signal from the device and distributes it alternately only to the really connected speakers.

In addition to the 4 diffusers, it is also possible to connect the treatment handpiece of the ultrasound device, thus recovering the connection used to connect MP4 Multiscan

The two buttons on the front of the MP4 Multiscan allow:

  • to activate the treatment by keeping the “START +“ key pressed for about 1sec;
  • to interrupt the treatment, holding down the “STOP -“ key for about 1sec;
  • to increase or decrease the treatment power using the “+” and “-“ buttons respectively.

MP4 Miapharma


  1. Multifunction buttons, allow in relation to the operating status:
    a) Activate (START) / Interrupt (STOP) the treatment
    b) Increase / Decrease the treatment power
  2. Connector for ultrasonic treatment handpiece.
  3. Operating led of the ultrasonic diffusers.
  4. Connectors for the four ultrasonic diffusers.
  5. Connection cable to the ultrasound generator.
  6. Bipolar power cable housing.
  7. Double head ultrasonic diffusers


  • MP4 Multiscan device
  • 4 double head ultrasonic diffusers
  • AC power supply, input: 230V - 50Hz; output: 9V-200Ma
  • User manual
  • 4 kits with two elastic bands (60 cm and 100 cm)
  • A bottle of gel
  • Adhesive Velcro to apply on the bottom of the device to fix the MP4 Multiscan to the device


  • Acoustic Working Frequency: 1/3 Mhz
  • Maximum Output Power: 2.5w / Cm2
  • Emitter Surface Diameter: 50 Mm
  • Effective Radiation Area: 19.62 Cm2
  • Power Supply: Ac Input 230v - 50hz
  • Output: 9v - 200MA
  • Maximum Absorbed Power: 1.8w
  • Electrical Insulation Class: Ii
  • Type of Parts Applied: B
  • Measurements: 3 X 9 X 14.5
  • Weight: 0.3 Kg


MP4 Multiscan is compatible with the following models: WellSonic , Excell Plus, Sonimed, Bisonic and other Miapharma models.

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